Contact Information

Email: Organizer

Phone: +30 2744 0 23999

Fax: 0030 2744 0 26930

Event Information

Entry Fee: 60 EUR

Prize Money: 4,500 EUR

Water temperature: 23°C - 24°C
Number of laps: 1 lap/750m
Start Mechanism: Wave Starts
Conditions: Open Sea Water
Swim Course Map:

Number of laps: One lap (20.1km)
The bike course is 20.1 km long and can be labeled as non technical. It is divided in 3 parts. The first part is the same with the third one (1km) and leads the athletes from the transition zone to bike loops and vice versa. The second one consist the main cycling section of 3 laps, 6.7km each. The tarmac is in good shape and the road will be closed to traffic. You have to be very careful when you overtake a slower athlete, especially on the turns as it is rather dangerous for accidents. The elevation at the starting point is 2 m and at the top of the course is 77m ASL.
The positive and negative vertical climb of the route is 147m.
Bike Course Map:

Number of laps: One lap
Run Course Map:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 675 EUR
2nd. 565 EUR
3rd. 450 EUR
4th. 335 EUR
5th. 225 EUR