Contact Information

Email: Organizer

Phone: +30 2744 0 23999

Fax: 0030 2744 0 26930

Event Information

Water temperature: 23°C - 24°C
Number of laps: 1 lap/750m
Start Mechanism: Wave Starts
Conditions: Lagoon

Number of laps: One lap (20.5km)
The bike course is 20.8 km long and can be labeled as technical, with two steep uphill parts (the one is about 6km long) and a fast downhill with turns. The tarmac is in good shape and the road will be closed to traffic. You have to be very careful when you overtake a slower athlete, especially on the turns as it is rather dangerous for accidents. The elevation at the starting point is 0 m and at the top of the course is 266 m ASL.
The positive vertical climb of the route is 299 m and the negative 295 m

Number of laps: One lap