2014 Sardinia ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information

Email: Sandro Salerno

Phone: +39 0784 30483

Fax: +39 0784208885

Mailing Address: Island Team ASD - Galleria Emanuela Loi, 8 - 08100 Nuoro - Sardinia - Italy

Event Information

Prize Money: 10 000 €

All details in document enclosed: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/Race_Manual_TNatura_Italy_2014_ENG_4.pdf

Until December 31, 2013 € 90,00
From January 1, 2014 € 110,00
From April 1, 2014 € 130,00

Until December 31, 2013 € 90,00
From January 1, 2014 € 110,00
From April 1, 2014 € 130,00

Elite athletes registration:
The registration to 2014 ETU TNatura Italy Cross Triathlon European Championship for Elite athletes is made exclusively through the competent National Federation.
Here Bank Transfer details for the payment of the Entry Fee:
Island Group S.a.s.
Banca di Credito Sardo Ag. 09424 NUORO
IBAN: IT78 Z030 5917 3041 0000 0004 023
Bic Swift: BCITIT3C

Age Group athlete registration:
How to register: the athlete can access to the registration software TNatura Events, through TNatura Website http://www.tnaturaevents.com/en/series/italy-place-eng#registrations . The registration system provides for the payment of the entry fee with Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

To participate in the races of the Series, the athletes are required to be in compliance with their annual membership.

Water temperature: 21 degrees.
Number of laps: 2 rounds of 750 m – 1,5 km Total
The swim leg starts from the beach of Cala Ginepro, just a few meters from the transition area.

Number of laps: 2 rounds of 15 km - 30 km Total.
The mtb leg presents very suggestive settings, which are connected to the enchanting frame of the Orosei Gulf. The track offers technical crossings on hard and sandy lenghts. The test is suitable for different driving techniques.

Number of laps: 2 rounds of 5 km - 10 km TOTAL.
This event will take place mainly along the white sandy beaches of Cala Ginepro and Biderosa, through small paths and dirt roads where the scents and colors of the Mediterranean will take athletes to the finish line of this important challenge.

Map: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/RACE-MAP_TUTTO_2014.png

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,250 EUR
2nd. 1,000 EUR
3rd. 750 EUR
4th. 500 EUR
5th. 400 EUR
6th. 350 EUR
7th. 300 EUR
8th. 200 EUR
9th. 150 EUR
10th. 100 EUR