2014 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships

Contact Information

Email: Stefan Ruf, Race Director

Phone: +41 62 745 71 72

Mailing Address: Stadtbüro, Kirchplatz 26, Zofingen 4800, Switzerland

Event Information

Entry Fee: http://www.powerman.ch/en/fees

Prize Money: 50'000 USD

The Powerman is the most important duathlon event worldwide, a race full of drama and emotions. It is taking place in the heart of Switzerland since 1989. In 2014 the Powerman Zofingen is already taking place for the 26th time. Only in Zofingen the world’s best triathletes, duathletes and athletes of other endurance disciplines are competing in the same race. It is a must in the career of every long-distance enthusiast to finish the Powerman Zofingen at least once. Some finishers claim that the Powerman is even more demanding than the Ironman. Consequentially the International Triathlon Union (ITU) accomplishes the Long Distance World Championships 2014 in Zofingen, for the 7th time already. We warmly welcome you at the Powerman Zofingen 2014! Be prepared for athletic quantum leaps and an overall unforgettable experience as, in Zofingen, quality matters more quantity. See you at the Powerman Zofingen 2014!

Entry procedure
Option1: Interested elite and age group athletes contact the national federation of their own country. After a nomination, the federation will enter athletes in the official ITU system. This entry will be accepted from LOC (Powerman) as authorization for the ITU World Championships (elite or age-group). Additional, LOC needs an email confirmation for these athletes with the complete personal record (first name, name, birthday, address, email, category) from the national federation to add them to the ITU World Champs start list of LOC. After the registration deadline of July 31st, LOC sends an invoice for the entry fees for all entered athletes of nations with still open payments.

Option 2: Elite and age-group athletes who have to pay their entry fee by their own, have to enter themselves in the online registration system of the LOC. They pay the current entry fee by credit card or bank transfer. After registration, all of these athletes are first entered in the “open” category on the start list of LOC. Following confirmation by the national federation through the entry in the official ITU system, LOC will transfer them to the ITU start list of LOC.

Note: Without the confirmation of the national federation at the right time (by July 31th) and without payment before the event, NO bip number will be given and a start at the race is NOT possible! All athletes who will compete in an “open category” will be ranked outside from World Championships.

For National Federations: Please check your national athletes who already signed in the LOC start list! At our “Overall Open Long Distance” start list you can see the athletes who are interested to compete in an ITU race category of your country at any time. The athletes are registered with “AK or Elite” in the column “Application ITU”. Only if the athletes are registered in the official ITU system by their National Federation will they be transferred from the Open to the ITU World Championships start list by LOC (Powerman).

Entry system of LOC https://secure.datasport.com/?power14

Side Events:
6th Sept:
- PowerKids Duathlon

7th Sept:
- Powerman Charity
- Powerman Short Distance Duathlon 10 – 50 - 5 km
- Powerman Relay
National currency is Swiss Franc. 1 SFR is around 1.10 USD or 0.81 Euro. Most credit cards and payments in Euros are accepted.
Main language is German. English and French are commonly spoken.
Weather conditions are normally dry and sunny, temperatures between 20 and 25° Celsius. On colder days it can drop to 15°.
Zofingen is situated half an hour from the Swiss Alps with excellent possibilities for daily trips to the Lucerne area with the famous Lake of Lucerne and mountains Rigi, Pilatus, and Titlis, or even trips to the famous village of Interlaken and the Jungfrau. Ask for special fares to Mount Stanserhorn.

Powerman Duathlon World Series events in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia. More infos:http://www.powerman.ch/en/powerman-world-series

Facebook page of the event: http://www.facebook.com/PowermanZofingen

10 km
Number of laps:2
2 laps of nearly 5 km, 45% paved, 55% unpaved but solid underground. Total height difference 260 m. Crosses transition area after first lap. Drinks and food after 5 and 10 km. Exact distance 9180 m.

150 km
Number of laps:3
3 laps of 50 km, total height difference 1600 m, steepest part 16% over 100 m. Reccomendes gears 39x23 for string bikers or 39x25. Climbings are rather short, descendings long. Roads are only partially closed to traffic. 2 food and drink station on every lap. Exact distance 150 km

30 km
Number of laps: 2
2 laps on an out and back course. Turning points at km 7.5, km 15 in the transition/finish area and km 22.5. Climbing at the beginning if each lap. 25% paved, 75 unpaved but solid underground. 40% of the run is in the wood. Last 3 km are heading downhill to the finish line. Drinks and food every 2.5 km. Exact distance 29.200 m.

Courses maps on the website: http://www.powerman.ch/en/course-maps-streckenplaene & http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/2014_maps_-_ITU.pdf
Elevation: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/2014_profile_-_ITU.pdf
General Schedule: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/2014_zeitplan_v1_-_ITU_1.pdf

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 6,250 USD
2nd. 5,000 USD
3rd. 3,750 USD
4th. 2,500 USD
5th. 2,000 USD
6th. 1,750 USD
7th. 1,500 USD
8th. 1,000 USD
9th.  750 USD
10th. 500 USD