Contact Information

Email: Gabi Solomon, Technical Director

Phone: 0040741040219

Mailing Address: acs SMARTATLETIC head quarters, Sector 1, str. Hagi Moscu Maria, nr 1, ap.1, postal cod 011153, Bucuresti, Romania

Event Information

Entry Fee: 40€

Prize Money: 25 000 €

Water temperature: 20-24Celsius
Number of laps: 2
Start Mechanism: Water Start
Conditions: lake

Number of laps: 7
Brief description including: 100% flat, with two U turns per lap

Number of laps: 4

Course and venue map:
Swim Course:
Bike Course:
Run Course:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 3,125 EUR
2nd. 2,500 EUR
3rd. 1,875 EUR
4th. 1,250 EUR
5th. 1,000 EUR
6th. 875 EUR
7th. 750 EUR
8th. 500 EUR
9th. 375 EUR
10th. 250 EUR