2015 Rimini ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information


Phone: +393334664711

Fax: +390541384515

Mailing Address: info@challenge-rimini.it

Event Information

Entry Fee: 225,00 Euro until 30.04.2015

Prize Money: 25.000,00

Challenge Rimini will host Half Distance European Championships. If you want partecipate, you have to register on this page http://www.challenge-rimini.it/eng/enter/ and you have to contact your National Federation that will approve ( or not ) your participation. No additional costs for registration at European Championships.For the AG athletes the national uniform is recommended but not compulsory. Only the country code is compulsory at each Race.

1st €5000, 2nd €2500, 3rd €1550, 4th €1000, 5th €750, 6th €500, 7th €450, 8th €350, 9th €250, 10th €150.

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 5,000 EUR
2nd. 2,500 EUR
3rd. 1,550 EUR
4th. 1,000 EUR
5th. 750 EUR
6th. 500 EUR
7th. 450 EUR
8th. 350 EUR
9th. 250 EUR
10th. 150 EUR