2016 Oklahoma ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships

Contact Information

Email: Dave Wood

Phone: 405-815-7626

Fax: 405-682-8527

Event Information

Entry Fee: $325 US

Prize Money: $90,000 US

Join us in Oklahoma for an exceptional event in 2016. Fast courses, outstanding support!

Visit the event web site for more details:


Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 11,250 USD
2nd. 9,000 USD
3rd. 6,750 USD
4th. 4,500 USD
5th. 3,150 USD
6th. 2,700 USD
7th. 2,250 USD
8th. 1,350 USD
9th. 1,015USD
10th. 785 USD
11th. 675 USD
12th. 565 USD
13th. 450 USD
14th. 335 USD
15th. 225 USD