Long Distance Triathlon

Only one month to go until Penticton Multisport World Championships
Jul 18, 2017

Only one month to go until Penticton Multisport World Championships

Can you believe that we are at the one-month countdown to the Inaugural ITU Multisport World Championships Festival!? After over two years of planning, developing and organizing, the…

Introducing Long Distance Triathlon

Using the triathlon principle of swim-bike-run, long distance events are usually held over double or triple the length of the standard distance. Athletes require high levels of stamina and endurance as races for the elites can last up to seven hours. One major difference between standard and long distance events is that elite athletes are not allowed to draft on the bike. As such, many athletes who participate in long distance triathlon have a strong cycling background.

The 2015 ITU Long Distance World Championships took place in Motala, Sweeden.

The 2016 edition will take place in Oklahoma, USA in partnership with Redman Triathlon and USAT. REDMAN means a challenging swim, a “rolling hills” yet fast bike course, and a closed, flat run course, combined with service and support that will exceed the expectations of the seasoned Full distance or the newbie Half distance triathlete alike.

Redman 2015 Promo Video from US Fleet Tracking on Vimeo.



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