Brief about Viña del Mar 2006

Brief about Viña del Mar 2006

By ITU Admin on 14/01/06 at 12:00 am

Viña del Mar sea, usually with great waves and a hard undertow, difficult for swimming, began the race.


Ana Paula Ortega (ARG) and Barbara Riveros Dias (CHI), leave the water together in first place followed by Fernanda Bau (BRA) and the rest of the athletes.

On the bike leg, Ortega lead the competition but problems with her bike chain put back and Riveros Dias lead the pack.

On the run leg, Riveros Dias with a strong run got the first place, Ortega the second and Patricia Vyhmeister the third one.


First athletes to leave the water were Luciano Farias (ARG) and John Dahlz (USA), in second place Felipe Van de Wyngard (CHI), following close by all the pack.

For the first three bike laps, Van de Wyngard was the first of the lead pack, following Dahlz and only three athletes more, Farias, Merchan (ESP) and Cavana Conceicao (BRA).

Farias, Merchan and Cavanha have left the competition by an accident, Van de Wyngard and Dahlz keep the leading in bike race, but the second pack were getting closer (between fifteen to twenty seconds).

In the run, the Brazilian team play hard and lead the race with Danilo Pimentel at first place and Diogo Sceblin, second, who overtake Van de Wyngard and Dahlz.

Roberto del Podio (ARG) with a good performance came in third place.

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