Frintova and Malyshev win in Kedzierzyn Ko?le

Frintova and Malyshev win in Kedzierzyn Ko?le

By ITU Admin on 04/09/09 at 12:00 am

Vendula Frintova, after pretty mediocre swimming performance, showed decent biking skillls and devastating pace in running when she closed down and passed Vanessa Raw from Great Britain to win the ITU Kedzierzyn Koźle Premium European Cup in Poland.

German Anne Haug presented some impressive running skills and managed to pull away to convincingly take third place.

1. Frintova Vendula – 02.04:54
2. Raw Vanessa – 02.05:15
3. Haug Anne – 02.05:26
4. Szabo Zita – 02.05:32
5. Vodickova Radka – 02.05:36

The men’s race was clearly won by Yulian Malyshev from Russia whose running skills appeared to be too strong for others. Last year’s winner in Kędzierzyn Koźle Igor Sysoyev had a brilliant second stage of biking to take second with up and coming Bryan Keane from Ireland in third.

1. Malishev Yulian – 01.52:05
2. Sysoev Igor – 01.52:08
3. Keane Bryan – 01.52:09
4. Van Es Luc – 01.52:22
5. Zoell Matthias – 01.52:27

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