Interviews with top ITU stars

Interviews with top ITU stars

By ITU Admin on 01/04/08 at 12:00 am

Tune into the Pre-Race interviews with the top athletes from last weekend’s Mooloolaba BG Triathlon World Cup.  ITU’s voice of triathlon, Barrie Shepley, takes a candid moment with many of the sports best to discuss the opening BG Triathlon World Cup of the season, their training and the Olympics:

Alistair Brownlee (GBR) – 8min 01sec
Andrea Hewitt (NZL) – 3min 16sec
Annabel Luxford (AUS) – 4min 56sec
Bevan Docherty (NZL) – 7min 37sec
Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) – 15min 03sec
Brent McMahon (CAN) – 4min 14sec
Clarke Ellice (NZL) – 7min 49sec
Courtney Atkinson (AUS) – 13min 51sec
Debbie Tanner (NZL) – 7min 06sec
Emma Moffatt (AUS) – 5min 33sec
Erin Densham (AUS) – 11min 46sec
Hendrik DeVilliers (RSA) – 9min 47sec
Kate Roberts (RSA) – 6min 30sec
Lisa Norden (SWE) – 6min 39sec
Maik Petzold (GER) – 7min 46sec
Mari Rabie (RSA) – 3min 25sec
Marko Albert (EST) – 9min 33sec
Nicky Samuels (NZL) – 6min 03sec
Oliver Freeman (GBR) – 6min 48sec
Paul Tichelaar (CAN) – 4min 55sec
Peter Robertson (AUS) – 5min 10sec
Simon Thompson (AUS) – 6min 51sec
Stuart Hayes (GBR) – 3min 00sec
Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) – 6min 03sec
Vanessa Fernandes (POR) – 17min 53sec
Will Clarke (GBR) – 7min 12 sec

Special bonus interview with a triathlon legend –

Emma Carney (AUS) - 16min 03sec


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