Essential Triathlon Training Tips: San Diego style

Essential Triathlon Training Tips: San Diego style

By Erin Greene on 16/04/13 at 11:15 am

In lieu of our regularly-scheduled Essential Triathlon Training Tip this Tuesday, this week we bring you some tips to conquer the age group races in San Diego courtesy of our partners at USA Triathlon. Even if you can’t make it for the race, the webinar is chalked full of great tips for your next race. Whether you are a veteran triathlete or just revving up for your first sprint, here are a few tips from the webinar everyone can benefit from:

Don’t forget to check the transportation plan for getting to the race the week leading up to the event. Unpredictable events like weather can change transportation routes and road closures, so it’s important stay updated on how you are getting yourself and all your gear to the start line. After all, nothing ruins a perfect triathlon plan like missing the start!

Planning your nutrition
There will be no aid stations on the bike in San Diego, which is a good reminder competitors everywhere to always be sure to find out in advance where the aid stations are so you can plan your nutrition throughout the race. Don’t assume there will be water on each discipline, as congested course plans may call for restricted aid access. Map out your water, sports drinks and gel intake according to each specific course.

Crossing paths
In San Diego, the age group races for Olympic and sprint distances will go off at different times, but the categories will overlap making some of the areas congested. No matter what race you have planned, keep an eye out for fellow athletes. You don’t get through a triathlon without a hunger for the finish line, but you’ll never get there if you crash with a competitor on the course. Know when you can and can’t pass other athletes so you can plan when to execute your need for speed.

Have fun and smile
San Diego has a great finish area planned to help you celebrate and recover in style with a beer garden and first aid section. Whether you need an adult beverage or some medical care to soothe your sore muscles, you’ll find it just over the finish line. As in all races, before you get there, remember to take it all in those last few meters. Smile for the camera and reflect on all the hard training that got you to race day!








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