Ushuaia Winter Triathlon a 1st

Ushuaia Winter Triathlon a 1st

By ITU Admin on 29/08/05 at 12:00 am

Spain’s Victor Lobo and Jessica Betancourt of (ARG)entina won the first South America Winter Triathlon Championships ever to be staged in (ARG)entina or South America.

Lobo won the event in Ushuaia in 1:03:52, while Betancourt winning time was 1:28:39.

Federico Cichero from Tierra del Fuego won the South American Championship in the men’s event with his second place finish to Escovar.

63 competitors from four countries were in Ushuaia for the Championships that was a new experience for most of the athletes. 

While it was a first winter triathlon for South Americans, it was not for Escobar, who is the current Spanish Champion and placed 3rd at the European Championships in 2004

Alberto Fonollosa, President of the South American Triathlon Confederation expressed his pleasure about the success of the event and stated that he hopes that this will send a strong message to the organizers of the Winter Olympic Games that South America is now ready to be listed amongst the country that can host world class winter sports. 

Elite Women
Place Name Surname Country Finish
1 BENTANCOURT, Jesica (ARG) 1:28:39
2 REYES, Claudia (ARG) 1:41:57
3 CAVIGLIA, Mara (ARG) 1:42:53
4 GIRO, Maria Edelia (ARG) 1:42:56
5 DO PASO, Ailin (ARG) 1:43:34
6 URQUIA, Maria Belen (ARG) 1:50:38
7 CHICHONI, Mariana (ARG) 1:50:38
8 BALDONI, Laura (ARG) 1:55:00
9 NICOLAU, Monica (ARG) 1:57:10
10 SORIANO, Benigna (ARG) 2:00:04

Elite Men
Place Name Surname Country Finish
1 LOBO ESCOLAR, Victor (ESP) 1:03:52
2 CICHERO, Federico (ARG) 1:06:25
3 BIANCHI, Martín (ARG) 1:06:52
4 LANNES, Carlos (ARG) 1:10:34
5 ACUÑA, Walter (ARG) 1:10:52
6 FLECHA, Hernán (ARG) 1:12:54
7 SORO, Juan Facundo (ARG) 1:14:07
8 MENCI, Sebastián (ARG) 1:16:04
9 GIRO, Gustavo (ARG) 1:17:19
10 ECHAZU, Marcelo Oscar (ARG) 1:18:56

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