2017 Vargas CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup

01 Apr, 2017 • Vargas, Venezuela • Event Website
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Ü The inscriptions of the national events must necessarily be carried out by the official website of Fevetri: http://www.fevetri.org, closing date 03/25/2017, since the day of ratification of registration or test will NOT be made the entrance of any athlete.
Ü Remind them of the importance of taking into account safety measures on public roads before, during and after a sports competition.
Ü Do not allow the free transit of athletes on tracks without car escort.
Ü Training must be performed with the coach in charge or, failing that, under the responsibility of the coach.
Ü Going to train with “Motorized and Carriage Escort”, which should indicate the circulation of athletes on the road, it is strictly “Forbidden” to train without this safety measure.
Ü Ensure the transfer of athletes to the competition area by vehicle.
Ü Check the program of activities to be on time to the competition site.
• Competition will be governed by ITU competition regulations.
• Competitors must practice a good sports attitude at all times.
• Be responsible for your own safety and for others.
• Obey the instructions of the official Judges, as well as the instructions that have been regulated for the competition.
• Avoid the use of insults, aggressive language, abusive and offensive to any judge, support staff or fellow competitor.
• Complete the competition routes.
• Do not accept help from any person during the competition.
• It is the competitor’s obligation to know the competition routes and follow the rules.
• In the event of a diversion of an athlete by a volunteer or lack of signage, it is the athlete’s responsibility to lose them.

Ø The use of a swimming cap is compulsory.
Ø It is mandatory to use the helmet while in contact with the bicycle and it must be fastened.
Ø The back should be covered in all competitions.
Ø If someone commits a foul to the regulation with or without knowledge of it will be sanctioned according to the cause.

Prize money distribution

1st 750 USD 750 USD
2nd 450 USD 450 USD
3rd 300 USD 300 USD
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Prize Money:

3,000 USD

Event Schedule

Viernes 31 de marzo de 2017.

10:00 a.m: Reconocimiento de la ruta (Balneario de Camurí Chico)

5:00 p.m a 7:00 p.m: Reunión Informativa- entrega de dorsales (Hotel Olè Caribe) Sub 23-


7:00 p.m: Cena de Pasta

- Sábado 01 de abril de 2017

6:00 a.m a 7:45 a.m: Apertura del Registro de atletas (Zona Mixta)

7:45 a.m a 8:30 am: Apertura del parque de bicicletas

7:45 a.m: Abierto para el Calentamiento masculino

8:40 a.m: Presentación de los Atletas masculino

8:45 a.m: Inicio de la prueba Masculino

9:30 am: Abierto para el Calentamiento femenino

9:50 a.m: Presentación de los Atletas femenino

10:00 a.m: Inicio de la prueba Femenino

11:30 am: Ceremonia de premiación

Closest Airport

Aeropuerto Internacional Simón Bolívar Maiquetía, Estado Vargas

Host Hotel

Hotel OLE Caribe

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