Athlete Biography

My family has a history in sport, and triathlon in particular. My father has been a seven-time triathlon champion within the Czech Republic, and placed fourth in the European Championships in 1991. My brother, Jakub, is one of the most talented swimmers in the country. My family has had the most influence on my sporting career.

I currently train in Brno, and during an average training week I spend six hours swimming, eight hours biking, and five hours running. My personal best swim time (1500m) is 17:20. I am in a project in liaison with the Czech Olympic Committee and McDonald’s: Olympic Hopefuls. My favorite ITU has been Hamburg, because it has the best spectator atmosphere. My triathlon goal is to participate in London 2012.

Athlete Sponsors: Ekol, New Balance, Alpine Pro, McDonald's Olympic Hopefuls, Kepak

Athlete Language: Czech, English

Athlete Education: Sports Gymnasium Ludvika Danka Brno

Athlete Hobbies: School, friends, other sports

Athlete Proudest Moment: My proudest moment within triathlon has been placing second in the Youth Olympic Games qualifier.

Athlete Coach: Tomas Kocar

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