Athlete Biography

I am a third year medical student at Bristol University. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor - just like my daddy!
I hope to do duathlon and triathlon to the highest level I can, whilst enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

Athlete Language: English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2005

Athlete Other Sports: All sports!

Athlete Education: Shrewsbury School

Athlete Hobbies: Skiing, socialising, eating and drinking

Athlete Children: Thankfully not!

Athlete Sports Hero: Lance Armstrong

Athlete Proudest Moment: Standing on the podium at the European Duathlon Championships in Rimini.

Athlete Injuries: My biggest enemy. IT band problems for 5 months last year. This year: Patellafemoral Syndrome Achilles Tendonitis Patella Tendonitis Just about in one piece at the moment.

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