Contact Information

Email: Miss Yasmin, Mr. Mark Sungkar

Phone: +62 818902988

Fax: Phone/Fax: 0711-350497

Mailing Address: KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) Prov. Of SS, Jl. Jend Sudirman No.1048, Palembang South Sumatra, Indonesia

Event Information

Prize Money: 520.000.000 IDR

AG: 20 - 80 USD see document enclosed:
Elite: registration form enclosed:

• Pontoon Start ( 35 m x 3.5 m)
• Deep Water lake 12 m
• Lake water clean but not clear.
• PH 4.5 - Accordingly we set up shower
• The temperature 24 degrees Celsius in the morning and 30 degrees Celsius in the daytime

• Not many sharp bends. More around the stadium.
• There is only one hill at a height of two meters past the bridge

• Same as the bike course

Duathlon races will also take place during the weekend:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 65,000,000 IDR
2nd. 52,000,000 IDR
3rd. 39,000,000 IDR
4th. 26,000,000 IDR
5th. 18,200,000 IDR
6th. 15,600,000 IDR
7th. 13,000,000 IDR
8th. 7,800,000 IDR
9th. 5,850,000 IDR
10th. 4,550,000 IDR
11th. 3,900,000 IDR
12th. 3,250,000 IDR
13th. 2,600,000 IDR
14th. 1,950,000 IDR
15th. 1,300,000 IDR