Around the World in 20 Tweets

Around the World in 20 Tweets

By Brian Mahony on 26/04/11 at 6:53 pm

In our latest round-up from the world of cyberspace, we scoured the athlete’s blogs, Tweets and Facebook updates to bring you the best of what our international athletes are saying and doing.

Formula 1 driver Jenson Button, will be competing in London in the age group race of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series event. He’s taking his training seriously, and got in some hardcore training while he was in Japan.

@JensonButton Jenson Button
Great Run/Swim today with @yuyumoto1 & Ryosuke Yamamoto one of Japan’s best Olympic distance triathletes. I’m sure that guys got gills!!

Tweet of the week - At dinner, I was asked for ID for a beer. I had no ID and had to convince him I was old enough for both US and Aussie drinking age combined!
@GregBennett1 Greg Bennett

The training continues for ITU’s athletes as they prepare for the tough season ahead. We often wondered what they talked about on those long bike sessions. Daniela Ryf kindly filled us in.

@danielaryf Daniela Ryf
Great ride with kiks [Kirsten Sweetland] how to make 4h45’ pass fast?1st climb talk bout sport,2nd bout boys &arguing with motorcyclist,3rd lollies& music

Lisa Norden is keen to remain focused despite the best intentions of some other cyclists.

@lisanorden Lisa Norden
U bright kitted cyclist on the hill this morning; I wasn’t trying 2 b rude-I just struggle being chatted up whilst pushing 340W up a hill.

We’re not so sure if Hollie Avil would have showed such restraint if a certain British actor passed alongside. She was brief in her update, but we think we get the message.

@Hollie_Avil Hollie Avil
Mmmm…. Jude Law.

Olympic champion Jan Frodeno, fills us in on his post workout nutrition.

@janfrodeno Jan Frodeno
Alcohol free beer (next best to the real thing!) after a long run on a warm day. Isotonic? Maybe, I just love the taste!

Perhaps Greg Bennett should have gone for the alcohol free alternative also, to save himself some grief.

@GregBennett1 Greg Bennett
At dinner, I was asked for ID for a beer. I had no ID and had to convince him I was old enough for both US and Aussie drinking age combined!

Will Clarke fills us in on the joys of being a professional athlete. It’s not all glamour you know.

@Theclarke Will Clarke
Athletes don’t get Bank Holidays unfortunately…don’t work like that! Whole family’s out doing stuff & I’m off for my 3rd session of the day.

It’s probably better off that Alistair Brownlee got on the plane.

@AliBrownleetri Alistair Brownlee
Interesting monument in Nice, could of provided hours of fun if I didn’t have a plane to catch

While Europe is experiencing some great weather, it’s beginning to get cold down in Australia. Emma Moffatt is using this as an excuse to spend some of her prize money from last year and update her wardrobe.

@_Moffy Emma Moffatt
3 great cloudless days in Woopi, now off to Wagga, i hear it’s been a bit cold!Good excuse 2 buy some warm winter clothes & maybe Ugg boots!

Daniela Ryf doesn’t seem to be all that positive about the weather in London this year.

@danielaryf Daniela Ryf
It’s going to rain here all week, good practice for London:)

Paula Findlay put her medical degree on hold, while she focuses on her career in triathlon. While there might be hours of gruelling training in triathlon, it seems a superior alternative to the dreaded exams.

@PaulaFindlay Paula Findlay
Don’t miss this!

Finally we wish Laurent Vidal all the best of luck as he undergoes tests to determine what caused his to blackout in Sydney and Kitzbühel.

@laurentvidal laurent vidal
A new week starts,hospital again but I should have a fairly good diagnostic by friday.3 weeks with no exercice,it’s startin to be unbearable.

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