Welcome to the Western Cape

Welcome to the Western Cape

By ITU Admin on 27/02/07 at 12:00 am

Langebaan is an idyllic little seaside town on the South African West Coast, about 110km from Cape Town.  It is located at the edge of the Langebaan lagoon.  The lagoon is part of a protected area, the West Coast National Park, and is popular for all kinds of water sport, especially windsurfing,  kite boarding and sailing. The area is popular with nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.  During the flower season the landscape is transformed into a giant wildflower garden.

Langebaan is a very popular holiday resort and offers a wide variety of activities and attractions within the immediate area, including a Gary Player signature golf course. The average water temperature within the lagoon is moderate, at about 18 degrees Celsius in summer. However, this temperature can drop down to 14 degrees, as you get closer to the sea mouth.

Club Mykonos small boat harbour, situated on the outskirts of the Langebaan lagoon,  is well protected from the wind and normally offers clear and slightly warmer water, than the outside sea. It is an ideal triathlon swim venue, being both safe and fun to swim in. Both the cycle and run course can be windy and hot, especially later in the day. Sunscreen is therefore highly recommended.

Race day, 03 March 2007, will have the following sea and climatic conditions:

Low tide at 11h49           sunrise at 06h37

High tide at 05h31           sunset at 19h22


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