Medical Documents

Document Name Added
Beat the Heat 28/01/2020
COVID-19 Outbreak - Guidelines for RMDs and MDs 12/03/2020
FIMS ISF PPE 2016 Survey Results 25/11/2016
Guía de la OMS para el uso de herramientas complementarias de evaluación de riesgos en eventos depor 14/05/2020
Guidelines for exertional heat illness prevention 01/03/2019
Guidelines for fluid replacement 30/01/2014
Guidelines for Medical Emergencies 26/04/2013
How to use the WHO Mass Gathering Risk Assessment COVID-19 Checklist 20/03/2020
IOC Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism 02/06/2016
ITU Medical Delegate Roles & Responsabilities 28/01/2014
ITU PPE Health Screening Certification Template 25/11/2016
ITU PPE Questionnaire - EN 25/11/2016
ITU PPE Questionnaire - ES 25/11/2016
ITU PPE Questionnaire - FR 25/11/2016
ITU Triathlon Water Quality Statment 07/02/2019
Medical and Anti-Doping Management at ITU Events 04/12/2014
Medical Guidelines for International Athletes, Team Coaches and TOs Staff 10/04/2018
Periodic health evaluation (PHE)  for all the triathletes 26/09/2014
Presentation: Pre-Participation Cardiac Screening in Athletes 27/06/2016
Questions about the heat stroke 30/01/2014
Recommendations on Sudden Cardiovascular Death in Sport 12/10/2016
The IOC Consensus Statement on Periodic Health Evaluation of Elite Athletes 12/10/2016
Therapeutic Use Exemptions (WADA) 13/11/2016
WHO Mass Gathering Risk Assessment COVID-19 Checklist 20/03/2020
World Triathlon COVID-19 prevention guidelines for Event Organizers 06/07/2020