Rules Documents

Document Name Added
ITU 2019 Continental Championships Quotas 18/02/2019
ITU Code Of Ethics 05/07/2016
ITU Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions 20/09/2017
ITU Competition Rules 21/01/2019
ITU Competition Uniform Guidelines and Approval Process 03/12/2018
ITU General Qualification Rules and Procedures 30/11/2018
ITU World Triathlon Series Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Disciplinary Rules 18/12/2015
ITU Paratriathlon Classification Rules 03/12/2018
ITU World Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU World Triathlon Series and Grand Final Qualification Criteria 11/12/2017
ITU Mixed Relay Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Triathlon World Cup Qualification Criteria 11/12/2017
ITU Continental Qualification Criteria 30/11/2018
Approved National Federation Elite Triathlon Uniforms 25/04/2019
ITU Mixed Relay Qualification Criteria 30/11/2018
ITU Multisport Ranking Criteria 15/01/2019
Approved National Federation Elite Multisport Uniforms 25/04/2019
ITU Continental Ranking Criteria 15/01/2019
ITU Paratriathlon Qualification Criteria 25/01/2019
Approved National Federation Age-Group Uniforms 21/05/2019
ITU Multisport Qualification Criteria 11/12/2017
ITU Paratriathlon Ranking Criteria 29/11/2018
ITU Individual Olympic Qualification Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Paralympic Qualification Ranking Criteria 29/11/2018
ITU Quality of Field Factors 2018 10/01/2018
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualification Criteria 19/03/2018
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Qualification Criteria 19/12/2018
San Diego 2019 Beach Games Qualification Criteria and Technical Handbook 23/08/2018
Lima 2019 Pan American Games Qualification Criteria - English 11/02/2019
Lima 2019 Pan American Games Qualification Criteria - Spanish 11/02/2019