Multisport Legends

Updated: 05 Oct, 2020 07:09 am

How to become a Multisport Legend

Multisport Legend is the proud title earned by any athlete that races and completes four or more World Championships races at the Multisport World Championships.

Train hard and complete at least four world championships races: Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon, Sprint Duathlon, Standard Duathlon, Long Distance Triathlon (or Aquabike).
Multisport Legends will receive a special recognition at the closing ceremony at the end of the Multisport World Championships

Multisport Legends

2019 Pontevedra Multisport World Championships

Dimas   Dellamagna Salvia  BRA   40-44 Male AG
David Gunn  AUS   45-49 Male AG
Jeff   Shmoorkoff  CAN   55-59 Male AG
Takahiro   Mishina  JPN   35-39 Male AG
Adrián David Yépez Quintana  ECU   35-39 Male AG
Manoel Alberto Lopes Dias  BRA   55-59 Male AG

2018 Fyn Multisport World Championships

Kirsten   Sass  USA   35-39 Female AG
Dimas   Dellamagna Salvia  BRA   40-44 Male AG
Michael   Krüger  DEN   50-54 Male AG
Noella   Buchanan  AUS   55-59 Female AG
Marco   Zaffaroni  ITA   55-59 Male AG
Rowland   Cook  AUS   65-69 Male AG
Shirley Jean   Rolston  NZL   65-69 Female AG
Nancy   Cole  CAN   65-69 Female AG
Dean   Elliott  CAN   65-69 Male AG
Garth   Barfoot  NZL   80-84 Male AG
Marianne   Hüche  DEN   PTS3 Women
Takahiro   Mishina  JPN   30-34 Male AG
Bo   Christensen  DEN   45-49 Male AG
Jeff   Shmoorkoff  CAN   55-59 Male AG
Karsten   Olsen  DEN   60-64M

2017 Penticton Multisport World Championships

Eurico   Antonio Mendes  BRA   45-49M
Garth   Barfoot  NZL   80-84M
Dave   Campbell  USA   60-64M
Dimas   Dellamagna Salvia  BRA   40-44M
Malcolm   Elley  NZL   55-59M
Trudy   Grahame  AUS   45-49M
Ellen   Hart  USA   55-59M
John   Hill  AUS   60-64M
Jeremy   Hopwood  CAN   35-39M
Dayna   Kucy  CAN   40-44F
Kerry   Nisbet  CAN   60-64M
Karsten   Olsen  DEN   60-64M
Shirley Jean   Rolston  NZL   65-69F
Kirsten   Sass  USA   35-39F
Jeff   Shmoorkoff  CAN   50-54M
Malcolm   Stinson  CAN   55-59M
Derrill Stepp USA 55-59M
Clarence Butz USA 55-59M
Nancy Cole CAN 60-64F


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