Athlete Biography

Tony Dodds is one to watch. Since becoming a competitive triathlete in 2005 he has quickly made his way to the top, securing the title of New Zealand Under 23 Champion three times and winning the New Zealand Sprint Championships in both 2010 and 2011, as well as achieving a number of top placings on the world stage.

With the ultimate goal of competing in future Olympic Games, at only 23 he is no small player and most definitely has the potential to achieve this.
However, Doddsy is more than just an elite triathlete. He’s an upcoming Kiwi personality. A natural people person and funny guy – Tony is the perfect New Zealand sports role model. A kiwi lad from Wanaka, in his spare time he enjoys hunting, water sports and playing a casual game of rugby.
With good kiwi values and a laid back attitude he’s a likeable character, and has a growing following of fans and supporters to show for it!

Athlete Sponsors: NZ Academy of Sport,AasicsBlue SeventyTriNZAdidasRacers EdgeImmersion MarketingBunnings WarehouseNV InteractiveSky Sport

Athlete Language: English

Athlete Hobbies: Hunting, motorbikes, watching movies

Athlete Sports Hero: Roger Federer

Athlete Proudest Moment: 4th under 23 World Champs and being Captain of the Otago Rugby Team when he was 13.

Athlete Coach: Tim Brazier

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