Contact Information

Email: Jeff Chong

Phone: 416.922.9079

Mailing Address: 253 Merton Street, Suite 808, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4S 3H2

Event Information

Prize Money: 10 000 USD

AGE GROUP: $95 to $110 (plus applicable taxes)
ELITE: $99 (plus applicable taxes)


Water temperature: 62 to 72
Number of laps: 1
Start Mechanism: Pontoon
Conditions: Lake
Brief Description: The swim will take place in the protected waters in the Inner Harbour of Ontario Place’s West Channel. Water temperatures in July average between 62 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a break wall that will protect athletes from conditions that would otherwise exist without one. 

Number of laps: 6
Brief Description: This is a predominantly flat bike course. The turns at the eastern and western ends of the course are tight and athletes will have one and a half lanes for the outbound and the same on the inbound, reflecting a somewhat tight course. Just outside of transition, there is a ramp (approximately 15 metres) that athletes will have to ascend and a similar ramp (approximately 15 metres) that athletes will have to descend (right after). This will require some technical skill and thought.

Number of laps: 4
Brief Description: See comments in “Brief Description” section for the Bike above, as the Run Course is the same (except that athletes will not run as far west as they will for the Bike Leg).


Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st 1,500 USD
2nd 1,250 USD
3rd 1,000 USD
4th 750 USD
5th 500 USD