2021 Africa Triathlon Championships Sharm El Sheikh

11 - 13 Jun, 2021 • Sharm El Sheikh , Egypt • Event Website
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2021 Africa Triathlon Championships Sharm El Sheikh
Dear Athletes, Delegations and Guests

It’s our honor to invite you to participate in the 2021 Africa Triathlon Championships Sharm El Sheikh,
June 9th   – 13th, 2021

Sharm el-Sheikh (the city of Peace) is an Egyptian resort city has a wonderfully quaint location; located between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. It’s known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs.

COVID-19 Protocols

1- A PCR Test should be provided within 72 hours from travelling.
2- Pre-Event Screening should be submitted in the World Triathlon System by each individual.
3- PPE / Medical Certificate should be submitted by each individual.
4- A PCR Test or antigenic test should be done by each elite/u23/junior/youth / coaches within 48h from the race day.
5- Daily screening should be done for every participant.

Athletes who need to do a PCR before traveling back to their home countries; they should request it with the LOC Deadline 31 MAY 2021
COVID-19 Tests:
-For the Pre-Race COVID-19 test, it will take place as the dates we put in the World Triathlon website, more exceptions are that, athlete could have this test two days before their race day, like the following
Race Day >>>> COVIDE-19
Friday >>>> Wednesday
Saturday >>>> Thursday
Sunday >>>> Friday

- At event COVID-19 Test:
In order to simplify and speed up the process, please note you have to register previously by filling this form:


- How to access your World Triathlon Account for a pre-event questionnaire.

- Department PCR Test:
Travelers who need to COVID-19 test for their return journey from Egypt can
Reserve the service through the Local Organizing Committee by filling this form:

Cost: 100$ USD per single test.
Results will be available in 48hours
Kindly check well the Airlines regulations as some required Antigen test over the PCR.

Please make sure you attend this test in the scheduled time for your National Federation. There will be a medical office in the Baron Palm hotel.

Important Notes

Start Place: Cyrene Island Beach Area
-The LOC is not responsible for booking hotels in the wrong areas. So make sure that you know the area very well.
-Athletes/teams that will not book into one of the Bubble Hotel, they will unfortunately not be able to compete at the events.
-Please all payment should be done in the LOC Desk. 
-Be aware of any registration mistakes as we have the 2021 Africa Triathlon Cup one week prior to this event. 
-The final schedule and time tables will be published online. So please make sure to check the final orders in the briefing.
- Non-African athletes may compete in the Elite/u23 Championship event, however will not be eligible for the title, medals, or WT points, only prize money and open race awards.
- Non-African athletes may compete in the Youth/ Juniors/ AG Championship event, however will not be eligible for the title, medals, or WT points, only open race awards

Visa requirements

If you a need visa invitation letter, please fill the Information for Visa Invitation Letter which can be download in “Documents” and email to LOC: trieginfo@gmail.com

Full Name / Gender / Birth Date (yyyy-mm-dd) / Nationality / Passport Number / Occupation / in which city/country to apply
1. All information must be coincidental with the Passport.
2. Passport’s Date of Expiry must be at least 6 months ahead.
3. A visa invitation will be provided based on the information provided, with which you will be able to apply for the visa easily and quickly.
4. Requests should be through your NF official email, or your name should be appear in the World Triathlon Platform entries system.
5. Please let us know if you need a separate letter for each athlete or group letter
For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on LOC E-mail:

Races Details

Standard Triathlon
1500m Swim - 2 Lap x750m
40km Bike - 6 Laps x6.6km
10km Run – 1k connection + 4 Laps x2.2km

Sprint Triathlon
750m Swim - 1 Lap x750m
20km Bike - 3 Laps x6.6km
5km Run - 1k connection 2 Laps x2km

Super Sprint Triathlon
400m Swim - 1 Lap x400m
10km Bike - 2 Laps x5km
2.5km Run – 1k connection +1 Lap x1.5km

Mixed-Relay Triathlon
Distances per every member
250m Swim - 1 Lap x250m
5km Bike - 1 Laps x6.6km
1.5km Run - 1 Lap x1.6km – Only Finisher may go to the finish area place.

Kids Triathlon
100m Swim - 1 Lap x100m
3km Bike - 1 Lap x3km
500m Run - 1 Lap x500m

More Details

Water temperature: Expect 24 degrees
Swim course in red sea, clean and free of disease
Start Mechanism: Deep Water Start
Air temperature: Low/30°C – High 40°C
Bike Course: 100% asphalt include dead U-turns
Run Course: concrete + asphalt, no sand, no grass.

Minimum Ages

-Elite: 18 years old /YOB: 2003
-U23: 18 to 23 years old / YOB: 2003 - 1998
-Juniors: 16-19 years old / YOB: 2005-2002
-Youth A U17: 16-17 years old / YOB: 2005-2004
-Youth B U15: 14-15 years old / YOB: 2007-2006
-Youth C U13: 12-13 years old / YOB: 2009-2008
-Mixed-Relay: 15 years old / YOB: 2005
-Standard Distance: 18 years old /YOB: 2003
-Sprint: 16 years old /YOB: 2005
-Super Sprint AG: 12 years old / YOB: 2009
-Kids Tri U11: 10-11 years old / YOB: 2011-2010
-Kids Tri U9: 7-8-9 years old / YOB: 2014-2013-2012

Entry Fees

Cash Dollars Only
100$ Elite / U23 / Juniors / Youth
100$ Para
200$ Mixed Relay per Team
100$ Age Group all of AG races
50$ kids TRI

All Athletes Entries for the (Elite - U23 - Junior - Youth – Mixed Relay - Sprint Triathlon Age Group) must be done through the World Triathlon Entry Platform by the national federations.
Egyptian athletes: must be done through the ETF

Prize money distribution. Elite Men and Women

1st 750 USD 750 USD
2nd 450 USD 450 USD
3rd 300 USD 300 USD
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Athletes Briefing:

All of the briefings will be recorded and the links will be available on the World Triathlon website in the last week.

Entry Fee:

100$ Elite / U23 / Juniors / Youth 100$ Para 200$ Mixed Relay per Team 100$ Age Group any type of AG races 50$ kids TRI

Prize Money:

Prize money distribution. African Championship Elite men and women: Total Prize Money is 3000 USD 1st - 750 USD 2nd - 450 USD 3r

Media notes:

For media inquires kindly contact us on:trieginfo@gmail.com

Event Schedule

NOTE: Provisional Timetable (SUBJECT TO CHANGE (
Please make sure to check the final Schedule and orders at the Briefing

• Bike and Swim Course Familiarization will be recorded and available onto the World Triathlon Website, Timetables with names will be also available for those who want to try it themselves. 

Wednesday 9th June 2021
14:00 – 20:00 COVID-19 PCR in the Medical Office at the Baron Palms Hotel for Elite/U23/Para/Juniors/Youth, Mixed Relay and Their Coaches

Thursday 10th June 2021
14:00 – 20:00 Help Desk
14:00 – 20:00 Registration

Friday 11th June 2021
05:00 Transition opens
5:30 Elite / U23 Women Start
7:50 Junior Men Start
9:00 AG Sprint Start

Saturday 12th June 2021
05:00 Transition opens
5:30 Elite / U23 Men Start
7:50 Junior Women Start
9:00 Youth Start

Sunday 13th June 2021
05:00 Transition opens
5:30 Para Start
7:50 Mixed Relay Start

Closest Airport

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

Local Transportation

30$ Per Person Round Trip
Including airport to Hotel and hotel to airport.
Book here: https://forms.gle/RnN6oZV9LjA597rh7

Host Hotel

The Baron Hotels Sharm El Sheikh will be the Official hotel for all the participating athletes.
To benefit from an interesting and complete package, all reservations should be made through the LOC (All Inclusive accommodation, Airport Transport, Bike transport, Assistance and support from arrival to departure …)

*Baron Resort Hotel Sharm El Sheikh (5 Stars)
Prices per room
-Single Room   130$
-Double Room   170$

*Baron Palms Hotel Sharm El Sheikh (5 Stars)
Prices per room
-Single Room   110$
-Double Room     150$

*Prices Include:
• Soft All Inclusive, buffet style
• Quoted per room per night.
• Internet Free at the Hotel Lobby. 
• Payment should be done at the LOC Desk in Baron Palms. 
• Booking for hotels at LOC prices should be done on this link: https://forms.gle/RnN6oZV9LjA597rh7


The event dose not support home stay

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