2011 Long Distance Duathlon World Championships set for Zofingen

by Paula Kim on 12 May, 2011 06:16 • Español

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) is pleased to announce the 2011 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships will be held in Zofingen, Switzerland this year in a partnership with the International Powerman Association (IPA).

The event will be held on 4 September 2011 with the elite duathletes fighting it out for gold over a 10km run followed by a 150km bike then a 30km run.  A total prize purse of $50,000 USD will be up for grabs.

It is the fourth time in the history of duathlon that Powerman Zofingen will also host the ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships and this year’s course will follow previous editions and offer a challenging race through one of Switzerland’s beautiful small towns.

Those behind the partnership believe this is a significant step forward for international duathlon.

Marisol Casado, ITU President and IOC Member, said:
“The ITU is excited this partnership with Powerman Duathlon will help develop and strengthen duathlon. It points towards an exciting future not just for duathlon but all of ITU’s multisports as these events continue to grow around the world.  I would like to thank Brian Hinton of the ITU MultiSport Committee for his hard work on ITU’s side of this agreement.”

John Raadschelders, President, International Powerman Association (IPA), said:
“This joined ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championship is what all duathletes worldwide wanted for years.  It’s also proves that both are aware of the synergy our cooperation can bring to improve the duathlon world.”

Stefan Ruf, Powerman Zofingen President, said:
“The reintroducing of an ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championship at Powerman Zofingen is the strongest message possible to athletes, organisers and federations about the future of duathlon. After a period of 12 years, Powerman Zofingen will host ITU Duathlon Long Distance World Championships for the fourth time in the history of duathlon. Zofingen has been the most challenging race for duathletes all over the world since 1989.”

The last ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships were held in Geel, Belgium in 2008 with Great Britain’s Catriona Morrison and Belgium’s Joerie Vansteelant winning the respective men’s and women’s championships.  The ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships were first held in 1997.

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04 Sep, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Melanie Burke NZL 07:11:43
2. Eva Nystrom SWE 07:15:10
3. Erika Csomor HUN 07:22:42
4. May Kerstens NED 07:27:26
5. Ulrike Schwalbe GER 07:38:41
6. Jacqueline Uebelhart SUI 07:45:00
7. Katrin Esefeld GER 07:45:19
8. Maja Jacober SUI 07:51:12
9. Michelle Parsons GBR 08:05:37
10. Jessica Jarz AUT 08:05:49
Results: Elite Men
1. Joerie Vansteelant BEL 06:07:15
2. Thibaut Humbert FRA 06:16:58
3. Andreas Sutz SUI 06:18:28
4. Søren Bystrup DEN 06:27:17
5. Anthony Le Duey FRA 06:27:50
6. Matt Moorhouse GBR 06:29:48
7. Peter Bech DEN 06:30:15
8. Marc Widmer SUI 06:36:53
9. Stefan Wrzaczek AUT 06:37:27
10. Josh Beck USA 06:38:58
Results: 65-69 Male AG
1. Heinz Bauer GER 09:27:56
2. Dennis Kasischke USA 09:30:31
3. Philip Davis USA 09:40:53
Results: 60-64 Male AG
1. Urs Rüeger SUI 08:26:10
2. Fulvio Esposito ITA 08:30:55
3. Rich Chillingworth USA 08:52:39
4. Felix Bättig SUI 09:09:30
5. Hermann Böhm GER 09:40:12
6. Erhard Weiss SUI 00:41:15
DNF. Gerd Fischer GER 00:00:00
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