2016 ITU Sprint Age Group World Championships to become draft legal

by Erin Greene on 23 Jul, 2014 04:37 • EspaƱol

In a recent memo to its National Federations, ITU announced that the 2016 ITU Age Group Sprint World Championships will move from a draft-illegal to draft-legal event.

With the change, the draft-legal championship race will follow draft-legal rules. The technical committee, however, will continue to review the rules for age group races throughout the implementation process.

While ITU is open to any improvements in the competition formats, there is currently no further discussion on making any changes for Olympic or longer distance age group events.

While an adjustment for many athletes, ITU feels this change is more inclusive globally, as age group athletes now have the opportunity to choose to compete in either draft-legal or non-draft legal races at the ITU World Championships. With the opportunity to compete in both styles, it no longer neglects those National Federations who do regularly organize draft legal age group events.

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