A number of Development and Education projects closed out the season

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As 2023 came to a close, a number of World Triathlon Development and Education projects saw out the year in December. These included -

- World Triathlon Continental Development Grants - Americas Triathlon signed the 2024 World Triathlon Development agreement, making it the first region to do so.

- In National Federation Services, the last virtual Open Hour was held on 13-14 December. World Triathlon updates, event details and outstanding achievements were highlighted and shared.

- Asia Triathlon held its last Level 2 coaching course in Qatar, closing out a very bust year for the region.

- The strong relationship between the Venezuelan Triathlon Federation and their National Olympic Committee saw them receive an IOC Olympic Solidarity grant to host a World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course designed to develop coaches for the region. All details can be found below.

- World Triathlon recognises the support of all National Federations, Associate Members and Continental Confederations for their continuous support and collaboration in delivering development projects worldwide


Americas Triathlon is the first to sign the World Triathlon Development Agreement for 2024 after the TRI Executive Board approved their projects and budget allocation for the Olympic Year of 2024 in their last meeting in Lausanne in early December.

The 2024 Americas Triathlon - World Triathlon Development Agreement can be downloaded here: Documents • World Triathlon.


Last NF Open Hours: Balance of 2023

All members were invited to join the virtual National Federation Open Hours on December 13 and 14. As well as World Triathlon updates provided by Secretary General Antonio F. Arimany and event updates from World Triathlon Sport Director Gergely Markus, the participants received an overview of the new procedures in athletes’ Anti-Doping Education to take effect on February 1 2024.


The last session also offered opportunities to look back on the extraordinary achievements of our members in 2023.
Those highlighted were -
- Mr Ali Magboul, President of the Saudi Triathlon Federation and Mr Majid Amahroc, President of the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Triathlon, provided valuable insights about their national successes and challenges while hosting outstanding continental (2023 Asia Triathlon Sprint Championships Al-Khobar) and world (2023 World Triathlon Cup Tangier) events in 2023 for the first time.
- Mr Juan Manuel Velasco Diez, President of the Colombian Triathlon Federation and two Caribbean National Federation Presidents, represented by Ms Karen Araujo (Trinidad and Tobago) and Mr Dorian Roach (Bahamas), highlighted their remarkable contributions to the development of Triathlon in their region in 2023.

For the presentation and recordings, please visit Triathlon.org
December 13-14, 2023 | TRI Updates & NF Achievements

December Presentation
Webinar Recording (13 December session, English)
Webinar Recording (13 December session, French)
Webinar Recording (14 December session, Español)
The first NF Open Hours for 2024 will take place on 14-15 February 2024.


Qatar Welcome Level 2 Coach Candidates

Asia Triathlon’s last development project in a very busy year for the region was the 2023 Doha World Triathlon Coaches Level 2 Course held in Qatar from December 10-14. Eight coaches from five National Federations - Jordan, Kuwait, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Qatar - gathered for five days to deepen and strengthen their knowledge of triathlon coaching.

The World Triathlon Level 2 Coach Education focuses on developing and delivering more advanced triathlon coaching practices, including individualised support and understanding of the processes and principles of coaching triathlon activities to groups of children and/or adults through the application of training science. Vicent Beltran (ESP), World Triathlon Coach Facilitator, guided the candidates through the practical and technical aspects.

Qatar Welcome Level 2 Coach Candidates

Fahad Al-Mohammad (QAT): “This course added significant value to my coaching experience. The practical testing sessions unlocked a new level of knowledge for me. This course reshaped my coaching approach completely.”

Isora Sosa (QAT): “This course allowed me to apply all the theories I have learned during my studies. It also answered many questions I have had since I started studying.”

Firas Al-Hmood (JOR): “As a participant in this seminar, I had the chance to realise that in order to understand triathlon more, we must experience and process our plans.”

Venezuela Expands its Coaches’ Community

Thanks to the excellent relationship between the Venezuelan Triathlon Federation and the National Olympic Committee, the federation received an IOC Olympic Solidarity grant to host a World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course.

After months of significant planning and preparation between all the parties involved - IOC, NOC, NF and World Triathlon - the 2023 La Guaira OS - World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course took place between December 11-15.

Eighteen newly trained coaches (12 male and 6 female) were prepared to enrich the coaching community in Venezuela to cover the growing need nationwide.

World Triathlon Coach Facilitators Claudia Beristain (MEX) and Ultiminio Alvarez (MEX) delivered the course.

Venezuela Expands its Coaches' Community

Eligible lists - Level 2 Coaches Education

World Triathlon published the lists of all eligible coaches per continent who can take their education to the next level (Level 2). Please check out on Triathlon.org

Asia Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2024
Africa Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2024
Europe Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2024
Americas Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2024
Oceania Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2024

Central Africa hosted the first international Duathlon in Bouar

The first weekend of December will always be remembered in Central Africa after hosting the first International Duathlon event in Bouar. Hundreds of locals gathered to cheer the participating athletes from Chad, Cameroon and Central Africa, competing in three age categories: Junior, Elite and Age-Group.

Diathlon in Bouar

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