Abu Dhabi build up: Championship Finals podcast and Fantasy Triathlon game

by Doug Gray on 22 Nov, 2022 01:25 • Español
Abu Dhabi build up: Championship Finals podcast and Fantasy Triathlon game

The build up to this week’s big showdown in Abu Dhabi continues with a special preview edition of the World Triathlon Podcast and the launch of the elite men’s and women’s Championship Finals fantasy triathlon game on obstri.com.

To be a part of the obstri fantasy family, simply create an account on the website then choose the top five men and top five women finishers at the Championship Finals Abu Dhabi, then make picks for the fastest athletes out of the water, fastest bikers and fastest runners for extra points. Be sure to join the World Triathlon Family league and you’ll be able to compare your swim-bike-run know-how against friends as well as the world’s triathletes and triathlon experts.

Over on episode 68 of the World Triathlon Podcast, Gillian Sanders and Tommy Zaferes give their inside takes on the season so far and preview the Championship Finals deciders as Hayden Wilde, Alex Yee, Jelle Geens and Leo Bergere prepare to do battle for the men’s title, Georgia Taylor-Brown and Flora Duffy the women’s.

From the potentially huge difference that just a couple of degrees change in temperature could make in the water, to the athletes’ abilities to handle the unique pressures that standing on the cusp on the year’s biggest prize in the sport will bring, the duo provide the perfect accompaniment to the big race build-up, and as always you can download and listen on the go via Spotify, Apple and Google.

The live action begins over on TriathlonLive.tv on Thursday 24 November, when the Para Triathlon World Championships get underway from 8am local time. Friday will see the women’s and men’s U23 World Championships from 7.30am local time before the elite women at 1pm. Tune in from 3pm on Saturday as the elite men go out, plus you can discover start, transition and finish coverage of Thursday and Saturday’s Age-Group action. Set those reminders now!

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Related Event: 2022 World Triathlon Championship Finals Abu Dhabi
24 - 26 Nov, 2022 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Léo Bergere FRA 01:44:14
2. Morgan Pearson USA 01:44:25
3. Jelle Geens BEL 01:44:34
4. Alex Yee GBR 01:44:37
5. Matthew Hauser AUS 01:44:51
Results: Elite Women
1. Flora Duffy BER 01:53:24
2. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 01:54:28
3. Lena Meißner GER 01:55:59
4. Taylor Knibb USA 01:56:40
5. Leonie Periault FRA 01:56:51
Results: U23 Men
1. Connor Bentley GBR 01:50:15
2. Gergely Kiss HUN 01:50:24
3. Hamish Reilly GBR 01:50:29
4. Eric Diener GER 01:50:33
5. Maxime Fluri SUI 01:50:52
Results: U23 Women
1. Kate Waugh GBR 02:00:18
2. Annika Koch GER 02:00:43
3. Bianca Seregni ITA 02:01:14
4. Selina Klamt GER 02:01:43
5. Tanja Neubert GER 02:01:59
Results: PTWC Men
1. Jetze Plat H2 NED 00:57:56
2. Florian Brungraber H2 AUT 01:00:14
3. Geert Schipper H2 NED 01:00:47
4. Giovanni Achenza H1 ITA 01:04:43
5. Fathi Zwoukhi H1 TUN 01:05:20
Results: PTS2 Men
1. Jules Ribstein FRA 01:08:02
2. Lionel Morales ESP 01:09:21
3. Wim De Paepe BEL 01:09:53
4. Mohamed Lahna USA 01:10:51
5. Maurits Morsink NED 01:15:00
Results: PTS3 Men
1. Daniel Molina ESP 01:10:35
2. Nico Van Der Burgt NED 01:10:53
3. Max Gelhaar GER 01:13:10
4. Colin Wallace GBR 01:15:25
5. Justin Godfrey AUS 01:16:48
Results: PTS4 Men
1. Alexis Hanquinquant FRA 01:00:45
2. Pierre-Antoine Baele FRA 01:02:32
3. Jeremy Peacock AUS 01:03:58
4. Hideki Uda JPN 01:04:38
5. Carson Clough USA 01:05:39
Results: PTS5 Men
1. Stefan Daniel CAN 00:58:24
2. Martin Schulz GER 00:59:13
3. Chris Hammer USA 01:00:50
4. David Bryant AUS 01:01:37
5. Guenther Matzinger AUT 01:01:53
Results: PTVI Men
1. Dave Ellis B3 GBR 00:59:13
2. Thibaut Rigaudeau B2 FRA 01:00:17
3. Antoine Perel B1 FRA 01:01:17
4. Héctor Catalá Laparra B2 ESP 01:01:29
5. Kyle Coon B1 USA 01:02:08
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