ANADO AGM in Dublin

by ITU Admin on 01 May, 2009 12:01

The Association of National Anti-Doping Organisations (ANADO) recently held its 12th workshop in Dublin, Ireland. At the Annual General Meeting before the workshop opened, the ITU was approved as an Observer to the organization.  Other organizations that were recognized at the same time, included LOCOG, Jordan, Chinada and Tunisia. 

The ANADO is a member-based organisation that was established to improve the capacity of national anti-doping organisations and their staff through regular communication, problem identification and resolution, exchanges of information and enhanced professional development opportunities in the field of anti-doping in sport.

While NADOs (being those domestic organisations designated by their governments or National Olympic Committees as responsible for planning, collection and management of anti-doping controls in the country) are invited to become members, other organisations with anti-doping programmes (such as IFs and major games organisers) are invited to join as observers.

The sharing among NADOs of experiences and solutions to everyday problems can only benefit the global fight for doping-free sport and will be, we hope, of use to all anti-doping organisations. (

The workshop, which had presenters from all over the world, included such topics as:
An investigation of doping attitudes and behaviours from a sport psychology perspective
Capacity Building and Program Development in Investigations and Intelligence
HGH: Issues and Challenges in Detection
The International Standard for Testing
Quality Programme..

The attendees also heard from Dr. Gary OToole, Former Irish National and Olympic Athlete about a Commitment to Drug-free Sport: An Athletes Perspective. 

It should be a huge benefit to ITUs anti-doping program to be involved with such a prestigious world wide anti-doping organisation. We look forward to working together with other like-minded organisations to work for drug-free sport.

If you have any questions regarding Anti-doping, please contact Leslie Buchanan, ITUs Anti-doping Director at

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