March in review with Development and Education

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March in review with Development and Education

With the 2024 World Triathlon Race Calendar underway, the World Triathlon Development and Education program continued providing athletes with opportunities to develop, technical officials to grow and coaches to learn further, ensuring the growth of our wonderful sport in all areas of the world.

This March, notable projects included -
- The endorsement of the ‘Body Confident Sport’ program is aimed at education for those coaching young women in sport.  World Triathlon has a strong history in maintaining gender equality, and coach revalidation through March required all TRI coaches to complete this course.
- In continent news, Development Agreements were signed by Africa Triathlon and Asia Triathlon, outlining specific goals for regional progress.

Athlete development through March included -
- An extension of invitations for applications into Team World Triathlon at the 2024 World Triathlon Cup Samarkand.
- The 3rd Testing and Benchmarking Camp for Europe Triathlon, held in Slovenia as the first development activity of the year
- The naming of Seven Para Athletes from 3 continents (Africa, America and Europe) awarded the Para Athlete Support Grants for 2024 - enabling them increased support to travel and compete at World Triathlon-sanctioned events on the way to the Paris 2024 Paralympics and beyond

Coach and Technical Officials Education in March saw -
- Coach education revalidation continues through March, with the deadline for this process closing at the end of the month on 31 March.
Technical Officials’ certification and revalidation results were also released in March. 

In closing, important upcoming events for April include -
- The NF open hour celebrated the 35 years of ITU/World Triathlon
- All NF’s are reminded their 2024 Membership Obligations are to be completed by 30 April. 

All details these activities, programmes and initiatives in April can be found below.- World Triathlon Development and Education


World Triathlon signed the 2024 Development Agreement with Africa Triathlon and Asia Triathlon in March.

Africa Triathlon will focus on the Development Regional Cup implementation in three countries (Algeria, Kenya, and Senegal), with complex development projects involving coaches, athletes, technical officials, and event organisers simultaneously. Redesign junior development camps to support athletes’ careers from junior towards U23 by introducing strict and targeted selection criteria.  Focus on Level 1 coach education this year with possible support from Olympic Solidarity. Being in the final phase of the Olympic and Paralympic qualification with targeted support of athletes and Para triathletes to ensure African athletes take new flag slots for both major games in Paris.

For more details on the signed development agreement, please click here.

Asia Triathlon follows its recently approved strategic plan to develop all five regions in Asia with tailor-made development programs in all areas (athletes, coaches, technical officials, events and Para triathlon) based on each region’s needs and specific development objectives. The goals are to design an athlete and coach development programme that serves excellence and competitiveness among the continents,  with targeted Technical Officials and Event Development to increase the quality of event delivery, increase female participation and promote Para triathlon across the continent.
Please visit for all continental development agreements. Documents • World Triathlon.

World Triathlon extends its heartfelt gratitude to those National Federations who have already taken the time to fulfil the 2024 Membership Obligations. Your prompt response is genuinely appreciated, and we acknowledge your commitment to this vital matter.  As a friendly reminder to all World Triathlon members, we urge you to fulfil the 2024 Membership Obligations by completing the following tasks before 30 April 2024.
1.    Submit the 2023 NF Survey.
2.    Provide the Financial Statement for the previous year.
3.    Pay the annual membership fee of 300 USD.
If you have any enquiries or encounter challenges while completing the Survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at


World Triathlon invites all members to join the next edition of the National Federation Open Hours on 17 and 18 April. Besides the usual TRI updates, the World Triathlon Family is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Let’s celebrate together!

Wednesday, 17 April (ENG-FRA), 9:30 CEST - Click here
Thursday, 18 April (ENG-ESP), 16:30 CEST - Click here

Please visit for more information: NFs Open Hours • World Triathlon.


Team World Triathlon - Samarkand WC


World Triathlon extends the application deadline for the Team World Triathlon | Development • World Triathlon linked to the 2024 World Triathlon Cup Samarkand in Uzbekistan on 18 May 2024.
The deadline is Wednesday, 10 April 2024.
Application form.

Europe's Third Testing & Benchmarking Camp in Slovenia

After introducing the Testing and Benchmarking Camp concept in 2023,  Europe Triathlon continued this initiative for the first development activity of 2024. The camp took place in Koper, Slovenia, with the support of the University of Sport, Laboratory for Physiological Testing - Ljubljana.
Seven athletes from four National Federations (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia)  and two coaches attended the camp from 5 to 10 March led by Milos Petelin (SLO) and Ljudmila Medan (SRB) TRI Head Coaches.

Koper camp testing

The Tests used in the Camps:
1. The University of Montreal Track Test is a continuous maximal indirect multistage running field test based on the energy cost of running. The test is conducted on a 400m running track, with marker cones at every 50m along the track. The test begins at 12 km/h, and the speed increases by 0.3 km per hour every 200m. The trial stops when the triathlete falls 5m or more short of the designated marker or feels they cannot continue the stage.
2. Bicycle Conconi 100 + 20 W/min protocol.
3. Swimming CSS test.
4. Measurement of body composition.
5. Spirometry.

“The purpose of this specific camp is to measure and gain insights into the current performance of athletes by utilising a team of experienced professionals in a laboratory for physiological testing. The participating athletes are members of the Team Europe initiative selected to race in various European Cup events in 2024.” - Ljudmila Medan (SRB), TRI Head Coach.

“Being in the Europe Triathlon Team has always been a pleasure. They support us to be the best version of ourselves, learn and grow like an athlete. With the tests conducted during the camp, I now have more data about my training zones, which will help my coach and me in the next training period. The testing facilities and staff were very professional, and everything was great. This format is a great idea; it helps us stay motivated and focused on improvement. Nice people, good athletes and great coaches.” - Alice Perjoiu (ROU), Athlete.



Recipients of the Para Athlete Support Grant in 2024 named
For the third consecutive year, World Triathlon awarded seven (7) Para athletes representing three continents (Africa, America and Europe) with a support grant for their racing at World Triathlon-sanctioned events on the way to the Paris 2024 Paralympics and beyond. Congratulations to the athletes and their National Federations.

2024 Para Athlete Support Grant Recipients:
Laura-Liis Juursalu (EST) PTS5
Alisa Kolpakchy (UKR) PTS5
Fethi Zouinkhi (TUN) PTWC
Juan Esteban Patino (COL) PTS2
Joe Kurt (LUX) PTS4
Darius Dumitru (ROU) PTWC
Lazar Filipović (SRB) PTVI

World Triathlon may open a second round of Para athlete support grants in the second half of the year. Stay tuned.

For more details, please visit Para Athlete Support Grant | Development • World Triathlon.

The 2024 Korea Triathlon - World Triathlon Coach Education Project

The sixth edition of this remarkable coach education program will come back in parts during the year. From 16 to 23 May, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee, and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation will host a Level 2 cohort in the beautiful city of Cheonan. Nominations for this are already in, and the selection process will end shortly.

The Level 1 course will take place in early November, and eligible National Federations (ODA recipient countries) will receive a call for nominations in due time.

Results of the 2024 Certification Revalidation of Coaches (CRoC)


An all-time high number of approximately 840 coaches (results are still being analysed) completed their annual coach revalidation tasks on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB between 1 February and 31 March 2024. The feedback was very positive, particularly regarding the ‘Body Confident Coaching’ course.  Many found this course a ‘real eye-opener’ regarding a sensitive and less discussed topic.  The continental completion ratios (among coaches holding valid certificates) are the following:

Africa Triathlon: 82%
Americas Triathlon: 67%
Asia Triathlon: 89%
Europe Triathlon: 80%
Oceania Triathlon: 77%


Annual Certification Results Are Released


World Triathlon has released the annual Technical Officials Certification results, which always occurs at the beginning of the year.  Thanos Nikopoulos, Head of Operations, and Alpar Nagy, Sport Operations Manager, spent long days summarising the results, achievements and assignments of the 2023 year. Technical Officials & Event Organisers Education is the core assurance to run fair and safe World Triathlon-sanctioned events at all levels, from Regional and Continental Cups to World events in triathlon, Para triathlon and multisports.
We cannot thank each and every member of the TO Community enough for this voluntary and valuable work on the blue carpet and beyond.

2023 TO Certification & Revalidation in figures:

2023 TO Certification & Revalidation

Gender Equity: We are getting closer!
- 8% Increase in the female TOs in the TO Level 1
- 9% Increase in the female TOs in the TO Level 2

Certified World Triathlon Technical Officials
World Triathlon Level 1 Technical Officials’ Certification List (NTO)
World Triathlon Level 2 Technical Officials’ Certification List (CTO)
World Triathlon Level 3 Technical Officials’ Certification List (ITO)
World Triathlon List of Inactive Technical Officials
World Triathlon Honorary Level 3 Technical Officials’ Certification List (ITO)

Eligible Technical Officials for Level 2
Asia Triathlon – list of eligible officials for Level 2 Seminar
Africa Triathlon – list of eligible officials for Level 2 Seminar
Americas Triathlon – list of eligible officials for Level 2 Seminar
Europe Triathlon – list of eligible officials for Level 2 Seminar
Oceania Triathlon – list of eligible officials for Level 2 Seminar

Revalidation: Eligible Technical Officials for Level 1 & Level 2 E-Seminars
Africa Triathlon - List of eligible officials for Level 1 E-Learning Seminar
Americas Triathlon - List of eligible officials for Level 1 E-Learning Seminar
Asia Triathlon - List of eligible officials for Level 1 E-Learning Seminar
Europe Triathlon - List of eligible officials for Level 1 E-Learning Seminar
Oceania Triathlon - List of eligible officials for Level 1 E-Learning Seminar

List of eligible officials for Level 2 E-Learning Seminar

Are you a TRI-certified Technical Official?
Download your certificate, badge or card from here: World Triathlon Development: Technical Official Certification • World Triathlon
All TO Certification-related documents can be found here: World Triathlon Development: Certification Documents • World Triathlon

Hong Kong trained officials to deliver safe and fair World Cup
Eighteen participants attended the 2024 Hong Kong World Triathlon Technical Offical Level 1 Seminar held at the Chinese Recreation Club in Wanchai, Hong Kong, between 16 and 17 March. All of them are locals, and only one participant is from Thailand.

Hong Kong trained officials to deliver safe and fair World Cup

“Thank you to Asia Triathlon and World Triathlon for giving the opportunity for our Technical Officials to gain understanding and furthering their pathway in officiating. They will also be able to gain experience immediately by officiating at the 2024 Hong Kong World Triathlon Cup held on the following weekend.” – Rebecca Mok, Triathlon Association of Hong Kong China representative.

“It is very well organised with clear instructions. It’s educational for anyone interested in becoming a Technical Official. I look forward to any other seminar from World Triathlon to enrich my understanding.” - Ngok Pang Ronald Chan, HKG

“The atmosphere is friendly. There are clear details and easy to understand.” - Busakorn Jantavach, THA.

“I always enjoy facilitating Level 1 seminars as I meet people from all walks of life who are now joining our triathlon family. Witnessing their enthusiasm, participation during the seminar and facilitating their learning in our World Triathlon ways makes me happy.” - TRI Facilitator Melody Tan.

Technical Officials Training in Mercedes, Uruguay

Technical Officials Training in Mercedes, Uruguay

Americas Triathlon continues using the World Triathlon Development Regional Cup to boost events, technical officials, athletes and coaches’ development across the continent.

Mercedes, Uruguay, hosted a Development Regional Cup in March. Athletes from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. In conjunction with the event, a World Triathlon Level 1 Technical Officials education took place, led by Gustavo Svane (ARG), TRI TO Facilitator.

The seminar also provided an excellent opportunity to mentor and guide the newly trained facilitator, Carlos Fernandez from Argentina, who is now ready to conduct similar training in the future and serve Latin America’s needs, spreading technical knowledge and events expertise around the continent.

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