Aqaba ITU Development Continental Camp

by ITU Admin on 30 Nov, 2016 06:53 • EspaƱol

Since 2012, ITU has been visiting developing countries to find talented athletes in emerging countries in Asia. We placed one important stepping stone to boost the development of our sport in the West Asian region.

This year, we combined the camp with the Aqaba ASTC West Asian Championships to provide athletes with racing experience right after the camp, but also LOC with promoting the inaugural West Asian Championships. The camp was planned to have 3 sessions per day consisting of two training sessions and one classroom session. The perfect combination of both training and classroom sessions help the coaches and athletes learnt faster from ITU facilitating coach, Vicent Beltran from Spain.

The 7 day camp has been full of happy smiles among participating 12 athletes and coaches from 3 countries under the guidance of Vicent. The cheerful mood created good conditions for young and new athletes to ask many questions during camp, and understand our sport well. A meeting with Lawrence Fanous, Olympian from this region, help athletes and coaches realize the value of hard and consistent training in our sport. 

“We really appreciate this great opportunity for our athletes and coaches to learn a lot from Vicent through this camp. The camp provide us a good chance not only to recognize talented athletes from our country, but also to realize that we need to monitor those athletes with consistent support. We are looking forward to having more opportunities to have this kind of camps in this region.” said Dr. Tareq Khayyat, the president of Jordan Triathlon Federation.

“I am honored to conduct this camp in the Middle East. Throughout the camp I find a couple of athletes with huge potentials to be international triathletes in the future. I hope those athletes to train consistently in their challenging social and environmental conditions. I will work close with them to make sure they will be able to achieve their goal.” said Vicent Beltran, ITU expert from Spain.

“On behalf of ASTC, I’d like to express my deep appreciation to Jordan Triathlon Federation helping us having a good camp. We will expose athletes with potential to more camps and bigger events next year to support them to reach next level. Through this can we could share our vision with related federations and exchanged ideas on the direction of our sport development.” said Ki, Woo-kyong, ITU Asia Sport Development coordinator.

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