Around the World in 20 Tweets

by Brian Mahony on 17 May, 2011 09:03 • Español

Have you ever wanted to know what the ITU stars really think and say? Well in our weekly roundup from the ITU’s athlete’s blogs and Twitter feeds, we bring you some of the more interesting excerpts. 

Triathlon is becoming more and more popular with international broadcasters, but a few athletes would prefer to put some races behind them instead of having the opportunity to analyse their past performances . However we don’t think that Javier Gomez and Paula Findlay (winner in Sydney) would have the same complaint.

@VixHolland Vicky Holland
Seriously,I love triathlon,but 4 the 3rd day running they’re showing Sydney WCS on Eurosport2.I don’t do any better the more times I watch!

Speaking of Javier Gomez, it seems as if it’s not just his racing that wins him the adoring fans. He might look like a teddy bear, but we wonder does he seem so cute and cuddly on race day to his fellow competitors? Probably not.

@Theclarke Will Clarke
watching Sydney WCS with Clare Clarke. She says about Javier Gomez awwwwww, he’s so cute he looks like a little teddy bear!

Then there were some random comments that we liked…..

Early in the morning I’m too dumb to figure out whole sentence hashtags. So quit it. I need punctuation before I eat my porridge.

@AnnabelLuxford Annabel Luxford

@courtney_akco Courtney Atkinson

just walked out of shops….why are Australian made Arnotts Tim Tams more expensive here than in a supermarket in France?

@Theclarke Will Clarke
Watching Glee with Clare Clarke it’s a load of bloody rubbish…

@K3Sport Kirsten Sweetland
I’ve grown 2 inches at age 22 that has to be a record!

It’s that time of year where ITU athletes pack their bike boxes to the brim, prepare to haggle with airline staff and get ready for a season of trains, planes and automobiles on the triathlon circuit.

@AnnabelLuxford Annabel Luxford

Knoxville! Left Boulder at 4am. 2 planes, a ride with a Christian singing troupe and many hours later I’m in Tennessee for the first time.

@Danielaryf - Daniel Ryf
3months, 300swim K’s, 5000bike K’s and 1200run K’s later, quite a bit fitter, funny memories and a few great friends richer. Thanks guys, you made that trip so special, it’s the first time I am actually sad to leave Australia. xoxo Dannie

@GOSticksy Brad Kahlefeldt
Have a lot of cardboard boxes here. All the sponsors products are here and ready to go with us to Europe.Always a busy time of year for us.

@VixHolland Vicky Holland
Think I may need German lessons…my vocab currently extends to ‘I live in the cathedral’, ‘I have a protractor’ and ‘I like pillows’. Hmm..

@gunzycampbell Lauren Campbell
Hilarious skype call w/ landlady in Davos. She didn’t speak word of English so I called over Adam to try French. She then switched 2 Italian

Thought Adam might try some of his African Pidgin English next… now I’m definitely not expecting my keys to be waiting when I arrive!

@flickabram Felicity Abram
Now only one week and then It’s bye bye Aus :)

@Jgomeznoya Javi Gomez Noya
another long training day. Look forward to racing again, it is a lot more fun…

The ITU circuit was in Asia last weekend, with a continental cup in Seoul. Some of the ITU athletes got with the adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

@tribryan Bryan Keane
Dickie nicholls and I blending in with the locals in Seoul (see photo below)

Seemingly Tim Don (who won the Seoul ITU Triathlon Asian Cup) and Richie Nicholls’ bike gear, was much more impressive than that of Bryan Keane.

@tribryan Bryan Keane
Local kid got very excited about Tim’s SRAM red.even more excited about dickies super record,but was so deflated when he saw my ultegra

The Eurovision Song Contest is a pillar of European culture, and for years has enticed eager spectators to sit in front of the TV for hours on end, to watch the great nations of Europe do battle, in what can just about legitimately be described as a ‘musical’ duel.

@VixHolland Vicky Holland
in from dinner and immediately involved in the euro song contest…loving this voting! @lisanorden - sweden r rocking it!!!

@Theclarke Will Clarke
Blue [Great Britain’s entry to the competition] did an awesome job! If we get Nil point this time I’ll kick off!

@lisanorden Lisa Norden
moldova is by far my favourite!!! go euro song contest…

@lisanorden Lisa Norden
Eurovision song contest yesterday - ice hockey world cup final tonight. Go the swedish power!!! We are a versatile bunch of people…

Back to athletic competition, Greg and Laura Bennett were showing that there was still some healthy competition in the family, along with plenty of trash talk.

@GregBennett1 Greg Bennett
You better run fast @LauraRBennett , you get 4.36 start tomorrow. I’m going to be hunting you down. Loser gets middle seat flight home!

Laura Bennett I think I remember last year catching you just past the 10k mark. Remember its not a social run with your girlfriends!

Wow that was painful! Gotcha Laura Bennett ... Final 300m! I’ll take middle seat home because of your huge PB at Bay to Breakers. Congrats!

Finally we say happy birthday to Simon Whitfield, who turned 36 this week.

@MaccaNow Chris McCormack
@simonwhitfield ur birthday here in Australia yesterday & now in Canada 2day. That makes you my age if you count them both. Happy BDay mate

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