Barcis and the famous Vajont dam, symbol of the greatest civil tragedy

by ITU Admin on 23 Mar, 2005 12:00

The Long Distance Duathlon World Championship due on 29th May in Barcis (Pordenone), in Friuli Venezia Giulia, is involving the whole Vacellina, one of the best known and most appreciated naturalistic environment in the Dolomiti area. Even if they dont reach the heights of the mountains placed in the right side of Piave river, the mountains in Pordenone area stand out because of their beauty, the place harshness and the suggestive landscapes.
Moreover, the Parco Regionale delle Dolomiti Friulane [Friuli Dolomiti Regional Park], which has never been discovered by mass tourism is a sort of paradise for wilderness and outdoor life enthusiasts.
The Campanile di Val Montanaia, which is situated a few kilometres far from Barcis and known all over the world, is a spectacular stone pinnacle, where legendary climbers deeds took place.
Barcis is also situated near the famous Vajont dam, symbol of the greatest civil tragedy in our country. 
On 9th October 1963 an enormous landslide came off from the Toc mountain and fell in the Vajont atrificial basin raising a monstrous wave which climbed over the dam and swept Longarone town away in a few minutes. The tragedy, which was the result of shady gambles and unforgivable negligence, caused the death of more then 2000 people. Together with Longarone (which was flooded by an amount of water, whose destructive power was the same as of two atomic bombs), other towns as Castellavazzo, Erto and Casso were hit. The dam remained undamaged and even today is set between the Vajont valley walls being both a monument and a warning for future generations. Its story, which was written down and published (i.e. the books by Carlo Sgorlon and Mauro Corona) was told in the film entitled Vajont by the director Renzo Martinelli.

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