Best of 2015: David Hauss' shoeless ETU win

by Chelsea White on 04 Jan, 2016 09:30 • Español

The 2015 season saw non-stop action that awed the triathlon world over and over again.

The World Triathlon Series was nothing short of historical, the World Cup circuit saw 12 new athletes claim their first titles, Paratriathlon saw new and old champions earn gold, the Rio Test Event gave a preview of what is to come next summer at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and multiple champions were crowned in other Games settings that would all add up to total one of the best years that this sport has ever seen.

So, in order to wrap up the year and gear up for what is also going to be a momentous and epic 2016, we write an ode to 2015 and share the top 15 best of 2015 moments from the year.

Starting things off is the European Triathlon Championship win by Frenchman David Hauss in Geneva in July. After a solid swim and maintaining his place within a 20-man pack during the bike, Hauss seized his ETU title after a blistering breakaway run. His performance granted him his first ETU crown and gave him the momentum to go on to also claim the gold in the 4X Mixed Relay race two days later.

And while winning in Geneva twice was impressive and surely worth a “Best of” spot in our countdown, what really makes Hauss’ victories remarkable was that he won both titles barefoot - without shoes!

And the reason for running the final leg barefoot? Did he have comfort issues with his shoes? Did he not want to waste a few precious seconds on his transition time? Did he not like the look of his shoes that day? Nope! He just wanted to. He thought it would be fun, simple as that!

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09 - 12 Jul, 2015 • event pageall results
Results: 30-34 Female AG Sprint
1. Danica Bonello Spiteri MLT 01:14:07
2. Maria Hivner GER 01:14:56
3. Céline Dupuis SUI 01:15:43
4. Margaret Seguna MLT 01:16:36
5. Claire Coey GBR 01:17:16
6. Lauraann Mcgill GBR 01:17:23
7. Holly Grundon GBR 01:19:02
8. Charmaine Sterling GBR 01:19:10
9. Paula Foley IRL 01:19:11
10. Katherine Barrett GBR 01:19:47
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Jérôme Blanc FRA 01:57:13
2. James Travers GBR 01:59:59
3. Felix Saur GER 02:00:01
4. Luca Bertaccini ITA 02:00:36
5. David Roper GBR 02:02:06
6. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 02:02:15
7. Alex Foster GBR 02:02:22
8. Urs Schiess SUI 02:03:47
9. Graham Borg MLT 02:03:49
10. Sébastien Jossi SUI 02:04:16
Results: 30-34 Male AG Sprint
1. Isacco Andrenucci ITA 01:05:44
2. Wolfgang Mangold AUT 01:07:05
3. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 01:07:06
4. Alan O'Brien IRL 01:08:43
5. Scott Wardman GBR 01:09:21
6. Djalil Baiou GBR 01:09:46
7. Thomas Winkelmann GER 01:10:03
8. Grant Ormerod GBR 01:10:20
9. Andrew Bedford GBR 01:10:21
10. Francois Fontaine FRA 01:11:03
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Franzisca Widmer SUI 02:11:15
2. Sylvia Gehnböck AUT 02:13:16
3. Franziska Fleck GER 02:14:03
4. Gunhild Berntsen NOR 02:18:59
5. Anja Kobs GER 02:19:10
6. Rachel Beck SUI 02:19:44
7. Alys Mathew GBR 02:20:54
8. Karen Lennox GBR 02:21:29
9. Ellie Astins GBR 02:21:39
10. Dominique Lothaller AUT 02:21:52
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