Essential Triathlon Training Tips: Bike Safety

by Erin Greene on 19 Feb, 2013 08:56 • Español

So far in the Essential Triathlon Training Tips, we’ve given you tips to get through your swim and transitions not only faster, but safer as well. Now that you’ve conquered those drills, it’s time to move onto the longest portion of triathlon – the bike.

Sandwiched between the swim and run, you will likely have less punch on the bike, but will also need to conserve energy for the run. Creating your optimal race plan takes time and practice. Check out this video for tips on conserving energy while maintaining an optimal velocity with drills to perfect your cornering and bike control. It also offers tips on safety and injury prevention with a review of proper bike fit.

These drills will no doubt help get you from the bike to the run with the fastest time possible. While mastering the bike, check out these spectacular World Triathlon Series courses to put your skills to the test.

If you’re looking for a scenic ride, sign up for the iconic course at the birthplace of triathlon in San Diego or compare yourself to the 2012 Olympians with a spin on the Olympic bike course in London. For those of you hankering for a challenge, Auckland and Kitzbühel have what you’re looking for with epic climbs.

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