Inspire Inclusion: Claudia Beristain

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Inspire Inclusion: Claudia Beristain

World Triathlon established the Women’s Committee Award of Excellence to identify and recognise individuals or organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the involvement of women and girls in the sport, at a grassroots level. Claudia Beristain, an established World Triathlon coach from Mexico, was awarded the World Triathlon Women’s Committee Award of Excellence in 2016. Claudia Beristain has established pathway opportunities for women in triathlon, to progress and build confidence through skill-based initiatives, before integrating them into mixed training programs.

On the 2024 International Women’s Day, Claudia Beristain shares how passionate she is about sharing triathlon with others, continues to develop and grow the sport through her programs and her desire for inclusivity worldwide.

Receiving the award of excellence was incredibly motivating. Knowing that all the hard work I’ve put into triathlon was being recognized truly energized me to further pave the way for women in the sport. Continuing my role as a WT facilitator in the Americas and participating in the Korea Facilitator Project, alongside coaching education in my country, has been fulfilling. I’ve also adapted to facilitating online during the pandemic and was honored to be part of the ASICS World Triathlon Team. Currently, I’m engaged with the High Performance Commission in the Mexican Triathlon Federation, managing the Mexican team in various WC and WTCS races for the past two years. Additionally, coaching an age group team in Mexico brings immense satisfaction; coaching, to me, is the best job in the world.

Last year, collaborating with the team in Mexico to implement the Safesport program was a proud achievement. I firmly believe that fostering an inclusive and safe sporting environment is fundamental to promoting equality and inclusion. My goal is to remain actively involved in this program, offering education, solutions, and support when needed. Engaging in the Body Confident program with WT aligns with my commitment to enhancing coach and athlete education across all aspects of triathlon, not solely focusing on performance.

Triathlon isn’t just a sport to me; it’s a way of life, and I’m passionate about sharing its rewards with others. From the friendships to the competition, from the discipline to the camaraderie, triathlon offers invaluable experiences. However, I acknowledge the economic challenges within triathlon and recognize the need for greater diversity and inclusivity. Opening up more opportunities for all countries to excel and addressing the shortage of high-performance female coaches are crucial steps. This not only benefits female elite athletes but also creates pathways for them beyond their competitive careers.

I draw inspiration from my fellow athletes and coaches, both male and female. Witnessing the dedication of age groupers, recreational athletes, and elite athletes alike inspires me to cultivate an exceptional triathlon environment.

For more information about the World Triathlon Women’s Committee, visit the website.

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