ITU Event Organizers and Technical Officials Community Level Seminar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

by Erin Greene on 03 Jul, 2013 02:24 • EspaƱol

ITU and ASTC laid another stepping stone to help the development of triathlon in Mongolia after hosting the 2013 ITU Level 1 Coaching Course. Mongolian media, including state TV, Sports TV and newspapers showed strong interest in the seminar to develop the story and televise the news.

A total of 15 passionate technical officials and event organizers from Mongolia took a one-day course to enhance their knowledge and skills. Nooj Orgil, one of the TO candidates expressed that all of participants want to be prepared for big events such as World Cups and Asian Cups in the near future, as well as upgrade Mongolian national events after taking this course.

“I am so glad to have this course in Mongolia. This course provided good opportunities for our technical officials and event organizers to learn more about their roles, how to interpret ITU rules, and what they need to prepare to have better events after learning from the facilitator,” said Byambaa Tsagaanbaatar, Secretary General of Mongolian Triathlon Union.   

Mongolia Technical Course

“Combining the technical officials and event organizers together in a room gave them a wider knowledge of what one another should do while working together in a race. After understanding each of their roles and responsibilities prior, during, and after an event, that provided them the opportunity to complement each other to prepare for future engagements together. Also through this course I can see the potential of Triathlon Mongolia. These highly educated TOs and event organizers will enhance the development of triathlon in this country,” said course facilitator Omar A Bakar.

“Triathlon Mongolia is growing faster with support from the Mongolian government and Mongolian Olympic Committee, both of which would like to host Asian Games and Olympic Games in the future. To be parallel with those national goals, Triathlon Mongolia selected young and intelligent people with diverse backgrounds such as computer scientists, doctors, and financial managers to take the course,” said Ki, Wookyong, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator.

The next development project in Asia will be ASTC - ITU Development Continental Camp from July 19th to 29th in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

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