NZ Technical Camp in New Plymouth

by World Triathlon Admin on 13 Nov, 2007 12:00

Tri NZ will this weekend host a technical training camp in New Plymouth with volunteer officials flying in from around the country for a comprehensive weekend of learning to ensure they are capable of holding safe and fair events.

The camp will be run by Tri NZ Technical and Volunteer Manager Shanelle Barrett with specific training provided by Terry Sheldrake. Gisborne based Sheldrake is the Oceania rep for the International Triathlon Union and travels the world delivering such seminars and training programmes.

Barrett says New Plymouth is the obvious venue for such a camp with the World Triathlon Festival launched in the city just weeks ago.

The new Plymouth World Cup is the biggest event on the NZ calendar and it is impossible to train the officials in the week leading up to the event due to the content that is required to be retained for this level of competition.  While the officials chosen are being flown in from around the country, we will be bringing in key stakeholders and partners to the New Plymouth event throughout the weekend. 

The course content includes:

- Swim Course design & technical requirements, officiating the swim, swim start protocol
- Transition design & technical requirements, officiating the transition
- Bike course technical requirements (both TNZ rules versus ITU rules)
- Run sheet design and requirements specific to New Plymouth events
- ITU standards regarding pre event uniform and bike checks
- Swim /Bike /Run New Plymouth course orientation and hazard check
- Awards Ceremonies protocol
- Technical debrief protocol
- Health & Safety Plan & TMP
- Case Study based on New Plymouth

Barrett says that while the World Triathlon Festival in April might seem a long way away, there is urgency to get this sort of training underway quickly.

Hosting this training camp now in New Plymouth means that we will have the most skilled team on the job in April and throughout the summer season, which is essential to the success of these events. It will also mean that throughout the season the officials will be up to speed with the latest rules and developments in the sport.

Tri NZ CEO Dave Beeche said this weekends activities are a sign of more to come.

The World Triathlon Festival is so much more than just Tri NZ coming to town for a few days in April and putting up our tents and sponsors signs. Our investment goes far beyond the actual event. As this weekend shows, we are committed to developing a strong and skilled pool of volunteers, officials, and key stakeholders in all areas of the sport.

The support we have received so far from the wider community in New Plymouth has been superb, we aim to repay that with considerable investment in the region, its businesses and people.

Triathlon NZ Technical Training Camp
New Plymouth
November 24th 25th

Click here for more information on the Triathlon New Zealand website

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