Paralympic qualification continues in Vigo

by Olalla Cernuda on 03 Jun, 2024 07:28 • Español
Paralympic qualification continues in Vigo

The chase for points on the Paralympic qualification continued this Saturday in the coastal city of Vigo, Spain. The pristine Samil beach, where Paralympic and World Champion Susana Rodriguez was born, was home to the first edition of the World Triathlon Para Cup Vigo, an event that proved to be outstanding for the Spanish Para athletes, that collected a total of nine medals. 

The first category to start was the PTVI, for visually impaired Para athletes, with local idol Susana Rodríguez ready to fight for the gold medal at her home alongside her guide Sara Pérez Sala. However, similar to what happened in the Pontvedra World Championships a few months ago, bad luck struck the Paralympic gold medalist, as they had an accident during the cycling segment on the third lap, ending with both athletes at the hospital.

The accident ended up with USA’s Taylor Talbot claiming the first victory of her career, giving her really valuable points on the chase of her Paralympic dream. Second on the line was Fanny Bourdelas, from France, while the podium was completed with Antigoni Chariessa Vasilopoulou, from Greece. Three young athletes that are relatively new to the sport, proving that the future is bright for the younger generations of the PTVI athletes.

On the Men’s PTVI race, Jose Luis García Serrano got some valuable ranking points on his road to Paris after crossing the finish line in first place, only 20 seconds ahead of Lazar Filipovic (SRB), in second. The bronze medal was for Maxime Gayet (FRA), also in the chase of his dream of racing at the Paralympics in home soil.

On the PTWC class, it was Eva Maria Moral Pedrero, the bronze medalllist of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, claiming an impressive victory, crossing the finish line almost eight minutes ahead of the second on the line, USA’s Skyler Fisher. At only 19 years-old, Fisher had an incredible fast swim and nailed transitions, and is currently sitting close to the top 10 on the Paralympic rankings. On the men’s side, Giuseppe Romele (ITA) was the fastest on the day, followed on the finish line by Ahmed Andaloussi (FRA) and Jose Cristobal Ramos Jimenez (ESP). Romele’s swim, almost three minutes faster than all the other men on his category, was enough to grant him the victory and secure some important points on his road to the Paris Paralympics.

It was Jules Ribstein (FRA), one of the most decorated men toeing the start line in Vigo, the one crossing the line in first place of the Men’s PTS2 class, followed by Lionel Morales (ESP) and with another Spaniard, Juan Esteban Patiño Giraldo, in third place. The Women’s PTS2 category was one of the very few without any Spanish athletes on the podium, with Cécile Saboureau, from France, crossing the finish line in first place, followed by Neele Ludwig (GER) and Emma Juaisca Rodriguez Rodriguez (VEN).

First-ever international victory also for Diego Lardón Ferrer (ESP) on the Men’s PTS3 category. Second on the line on Saturday was Giovanni Sciaccaluga, from Italy, who despite delivering the fastest swim on the day, could not keep up with the speed of the Spaniard on the bike and run segments. Bronze was for another excellent runner, Flip Breuer (NED), who despite loosing almost ten minutes on the bike with the leader, managed to cross the line in the third place.  On the Women’s PTS3 race, victory for Coline Grabinski (FRA), who was followed on the finish line by Eva Kumova (SVK).

Nil Riudavets Victory (ESP) solidified his Paralympic Qualification rankings with the victory in Vigo, and is ons step closer to the dream of making its debut at the Paralympic Games in Paris next this summer. Second place was for Antoîne Lamarche Poulain (FRA), while bronze was for the Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (ESP), back in form after an injury. On the Women’s PTS4 class, it was Australia’s Grace Brimelow claiming victory, with an outstanding swim that was too fast for any other female to beat her. Silver was for Kendra Herber (USA) while Spain’s Marta Francés Gómez claimed the bronze medal.

Ronan Cordeiro (BRA) was the fastest man of the day to claim the victory on the Men’s PTS5 category, crossing the finish line almost a minute and a half before Tom Williamson (IRL), who managed to stay clear of Antoine Besse (FRA). On the women’s side, Andrea Miguelez Ranz (ESP) was first on the line, followed by Emilie Gral (FRA) and Monika Belczewska (POL).

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01 Jun, 2024 • event pageall results
Results: PTWC Men
1. Giuseppe Romele H1 ITA 01:08:15
2. Ahmed Andaloussi H1 FRA 01:11:40
3. Jose Cristobal Ramos Jimenez H1 ESP 01:15:44
4. Emilio Agüera Vozmediano H2 ESP 01:31:27
Results: PTS2 Men
1. Jules Ribstein FRA 01:12:35
2. Lionel Morales ESP 01:15:04
3. Juan Esteban Patiño Giraldo COL 01:16:16
4. Geoffrey Wersy FRA 01:18:35
5. Javier Vergara Rubio ESP 01:32:39
Results: PTS3 Men
1. Diego Lardón Ferrer ESP 01:18:53
2. Giovanni Sciaccaluga ITA 01:23:21
3. Flip Breuer NED 01:24:09
4. Daniel Wyss SUI 01:26:31
Results: PTS4 Men
1. Nil Riudavets Victory ESP 01:05:43
2. Antoîne Lamarche Poulain FRA 01:06:50
3. Alejandro Sánchez Palomero ESP 01:06:56
4. Jorge Luis Fonseca BRA 01:07:53
5. Samuel Rodriguez Masian ESP 01:13:21
Results: PTS5 Men
1. Ronan Cordeiro BRA 01:01:52
2. Tom Williamson IRL 01:03:20
3. Antoine Besse FRA 01:05:48
4. Andreas Doulappas CYP 01:08:16
5. Cristian Perez Jordan ESP 01:13:37
Results: PTVI Men
1. Jose Luis García Serrano B1 ESP 01:05:05
2. Lazar Filipovic B2 SRB 01:05:25
3. Maxime Gayet B2 FRA 01:06:15
4. Rhys Jones B3 GBR 01:06:24
5. Sergio Molina Martin B3 ESP 01:07:01
Results: PTWC Women
1. Eva María Moral Pedrero H1 ESP 01:23:20
2. Skyler Fisher H2 USA 01:35:13
Results: PTS2 Women
1. Cécile Saboureau FRA 01:32:16
2. Neele Ludwig GER 01:32:29
3. Emma Juaisca Rodriguez Rodriguez VEN 01:33:31
4. Rakel Mateo Uriarte ESP 01:56:24
Results: PTS3 Women
1. Coline Grabinski FRA 02:02:56
2. Eva Kumova SVK 02:04:41
DNF. Liina Nuoranne FIN DNF
Results: PTS4 Women
1. Grace Brimelow AUS 01:20:01
2. Kendra Herber USA 01:27:27
3. Marta Francés Gómez ESP 01:29:28
4. Claudia Tubío Quintáns ESP 02:08:26
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