Pontevedra closes successful World Championships with incredible closing ceremony

by courtney.akrigg@triathlon.org on 25 Sep, 2023 11:06 • Español
Pontevedra closes successful World Championships with incredible closing ceremony

The 2023 World Triathlon Championships in Pontevedra were successfully delivered from 22-24 September and the Spanish city put on an incredible closing ceremony in the Plaza de España on Sunday evening. The ceremony followed on from the Age-Group and Para Mixed Relay podium presentations and the plaza was a hive of activity and post-race celebrations, with thousands of athletes and friends of the triathlon community in attendance. Marisol Casado, President of World Triathlon and IOC Member along with delegates from the City of Pontevedra and Local Organising Committee of the event delivered speeches and congratulated the world triathletes on their exceptional performances at the World Triathlon Championships.

Across the week thousands of triathletes and teams flocked to the Spanish city to participate in the pinnacle event on the World Triathlon race calendar which features the Age-Group Super-Sprint, Standard-Distance and Aquabike Standard-Distance World Championships, U23 and Para World Championships, Elite Championship Finals as well as a Para Mixed Relay showcase event. Nearly 2,200 Age-Group athletes competed in Pontevedra across the schedule, representing 46 countries. 30 world champion titles were awarded in the Age-Group Super-Sprint categories from ages 16-85, 14 podiums across Age-Group Aquabike Standard-Distance and the same for the Age-Group Standard-Distance World Championships/

“It is time for me to close out the 2023 World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra and reflect on a remarkable long weekend of racing that has truly shown the very best of our sport once again. First of all, I hope I can speak for all of us when I offer our huge congratulations to the two athletes who proved themselves the best in our sport this year, our 2023 World Triathlon Champions Dorian Coninx of France and Beth Potter of Great Britain. Both have shown incredible grit and determination to reach the top and are superb role models for the young people coming into our sport and ambassadors for the true spirit of swim-bike-run that we all share.

Congratulations too to our U23 and Para Triathlon World Champions, to all of our Age-Group World Champions across the Standard, Super-sprint and Aquabike formats and everyone who is leaving Pontevedra with a sense of pride and achievement at a job well done. We have welcomed 2,200 Age-Group athletes from 46 nations here this weekend. These are truly the events that grow our sport, providing unique opportunities to race world-class courses and represent your country, wear your colours and make new friends along the way. Thanks to all of you for embracing the spirit of these championships and of our sport.

My thanks go to the Local Organising Committee, the Spanish Triathlon Federation, the city and people of Pontevedra and all the officials, staff and volunteers for the huge effort that has gone into creating such a memorable few days here,” Marisol Casado, World Triathlon President and IOC Member concluded with.

The 2024 World Triathlon Championship Finals have been awarded to Malaga, in Andalucia, Spain. Once again world champions be crowned in the Elite, U23, Junior and Para triathlon, the Mixed Relay World Championships for U23/Juniors and potentially Para triathlon, as well as Age-Group Standard distance, Age-Group Sprint distance, Age-Group Aquabike Standard distance and Age-Group Mixed Relay World Championships.

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22 - 24 Sep, 2023 • event pageall results
Results: 18-19 Male AG
1. Thierry Le Cheminant GBR 02:07:57
2. Eric Jäger GER 02:12:01
3. Jakub Misztela POL 02:12:24
4. Kye Robinson AUS 02:14:02
5. Jeron Griffin USA 02:19:33
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Arthur Benson USA 02:04:38
2. Julian Becker GER 02:05:26
3. Rohan Hickey AUS 02:05:58
4. Tommy Doubleday USA 02:08:09
5. Pedro De La Torre Llobregat ESP 02:08:40
Results: 25-29 Male AG
1. Jake Watson GBR 02:01:39
2. Andreas Wathne NOR 02:03:49
3. Katgely Téo FRA 02:04:13
4. Lloyd Bebbington GBR 02:04:27
5. Ethan Johnson-Skinner CAN 02:04:51
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Łukasz Krieger POL 02:05:23
2. Martin Barreiro Gomez ESP 02:06:55
3. Adam Clark GBR 02:08:09
4. José Ricardo Vega Cebrián MEX 02:08:26
5. Abraham Isaac Hernández Ángel MEX 02:08:41
Results: 35-39 Male AG
1. Edward Castro GBR 02:01:00
2. Andrey Sharipov UZB 02:04:07
3. Abdulrahman Alghamdi KSA 02:05:12
4. Jurgen Leo Foley SUI 02:06:00
5. Brek Minarik USA 02:06:14
Results: 40-44 Male AG
1. Matthew Stratford GBR 02:03:10
2. Hendrik Becker GER 02:03:54
3. Chris Stanton GBR 02:05:51
4. Brad McNamara NZL 02:10:12
5. Jamie Edmunds UAE 02:10:51
Results: 45-49 Male AG
1. Donald Brooks GBR 02:00:10
2. Stephane Boissenin FRA 02:05:29
3. Claus Crone DEN 02:06:38
4. Patrick Tierney IRL 02:07:09
5. Jaime Menendez De Luarca Zumalacarregui ESP 02:09:42
Results: 50-54 Male AG
1. Junichi Yamamoto JPN 02:07:53
2. Miroslav Ozorak SVK 02:09:32
3. Simon Fawcett GBR 02:14:22
4. Phillip Becker GER 02:14:32
5. Hans Fredrik Johansen NOR 02:14:45
Results: 55-59 Male AG
1. Udo Van Stevendaal GER 02:07:11
2. Christophe Jouffret FRA 02:10:18
3. Tobias Oelmaier GER 02:12:33
4. Alan Rowe GBR 02:13:26
5. Jeff Gordon USA 02:13:55
Results: 60-64 Male AG
1. Iain Campbell USA 02:16:31
2. Michael Trees NZL 02:16:32
3. William Schumann USA 02:18:01
4. Terry Johnson GBR 02:18:58
5. Stephen Farrell NZL 02:20:23
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