Pre-race chatter ahead of #SarasotaWC

by Chelsea White on 11 Oct, 2018 03:42 • Español
Pre-race chatter ahead of #SarasotaWC

Just days ahead of the 13th race on the ITU World Cup tour, elites from across the globe began prepping to race in Sarasota, Florida, USA. We sat down with a few of those American athletes and one Kiwi to hear their thoughts on the weekend and their decision to race the sprint-distance event. Here is some athlete chatter from Americans Kirsten Kasper, Eli Hemming and PTVI Paratriathlete Amy Dixon, along with New Zealand’s Tayler Reid, find out what they had to say:

Kirsten Kasper
On her decision to compete in Sarasota:
“I approached this race just like any other race in the season, to give it my all. But to compete on home soil is really exciting to represent the U.S. at home and have my friends and family here.”

On seeing how Mixed Relay is growing:
“Having Mixed Relay in Tokyo is really exciting, just to have another medal opportunity. But it is also exciting to race with your fellow Americans and race for something bigger than yourself and work together. Having an experience, since 2015 was my first relay experience it has been amazing to see the sport grow. USA Triathlon has really been able to grow our strength and our depth in this sport, so it is a great opportunity to work together.”

Eli Hemming
On his decision to compete in Sarasota:
“It is the end of the season, I am trying to get those last-minute points before the new year comes in. I have been racing here since I was about 17, I love coming here and as often as I can come, I will be here.”

On seeing how Mixed Relay is growing:
“It is really cool racing as a team as a whole, instead of just for yourself.”

Tayler Reid
On his decision to compete in Sarasota:
“I am trying to get some last points. Just after the World Champs, I am in pretty good form, so why not do a couple more races to finish off the year while I am in good fitness.”

After winning the U23 World Championship, do you prepare differently for World Cup racing?
“It doesn’t really change, you do the same stuff, the same preparation for the race day, but I will be prepared for whatever the race day brings.”

Amy Dixon
On her decision to compete in Sarasota:
“This is my fifth time racing here, but yes getting some last qualification points to get to help get on the team for next season, plus it is always a pleasure to be able to race at home.”

You won here in Sarasota last year, do you enter this year’s race with some nerves with needing to reclaim your title?
“I don’t think it would be race day without some nerves, I think those two things go hand-in-hand. I am kind of excited, this is one of my favourite bike courses. It is a flat and fast course and it has good visibility for us to navigate and see where our competition is, so that helps us strategically. It just is a good day of racing because we get a lot of younger athletes from the U.S. who are just coming into the sport. It is exciting to see the sport grow at home.”

You can watch the full interview:

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