Project Welcome Webinar of the Korea Triathlon Coaching Education Programme

by Courtney Akrigg on 06 Sep, 2021 05:17
The Project Welcome Webinar of the Korea Triathlon - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme

The Project Welcome Webinar of the Korea Triathlon - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme was delivered by World Triathlon Development and Education on Wednesday, 25 August. The programme has been playing an outstanding and important role in World Triathlon’s Coaching Education landscape for developing nations since 2017 and there is no other global project similar to it.

World Triathlon Champion Emma Carney, who works within the Development and Education, opened up the Welcome Webinar.
“What makes this programme a standout is that it creates a unique learning environment bringing together coach candidates, coaches and coaching facilitators from all around the world in one place.”

The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for developing nations to access coaching education in triathlon and attain coaching qualification by World Triathlon at two levels: World Triathlon Level 1 Coach and World Triathlon Level 2 Coach.There are nearly 100 National Federations across five continents eligible to benefit from this programme. The programme has been supported and fully financed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee), the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation and the Korea Triathlon Federation.

Programme Facts
• Between 2017 and 2019 194 coaches from 60 National Federations, from all five continents, were awarded with World Triathlon Coach Certifications after their successful assessments.
• There is a strong proportion of women coaches accredited each year.
• There is great global accessibility and diversity of those involved.
• The encouragement of returning coaches to continue their education and development.
• With 2020 cancelled due to the pandemic, 2021 is the first time this course will be conducted online.

Marisol Casado, World Triathlon President and IOC Member, welcomed the Webinar attendees and made mention that more than 30% of the participants are female candidates amplifying the voices of women and have a positive impact on others.”
“Welcome to the Korea Triathlon Federation - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme. World Triathlon is committed to supporting the development of Triathlon worldwide. Coaches play a central role in this development at every level around the world. The Korea Triathlon - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme has been a valued asset to our coach education since 2017. Our project partner, the Korean Triathlon Federation, hosted the previous three courses in Incheon, but the Covid-19 pandemic made us move to online delivery in 2021.”

“Sixty-six coaches from 5 continents and 33 National Federations are ready to start or continue their coach education journey via the World Triathlon Education and Knowledge Hub. More than 30% of the participants are female candidates amplifying the voices of women and have a positive impact on others.”

Antonio Arimany, World Triathlon Secretary General, greeted the group.
“Thank you to our partners in Korea we can provide with an excellent opportunity of education. We want you to grow and your athletes become better! Use this opportunity and take the most out of it. Thank you to our staff and facilitators and everyone who has been involved.”

A warm welcome was made by Sungjin Lee, Acting Secretary General of Korean Triathlon.
“On behalf of Korea Triathlon families, I would like to welcome you to the 2021 KTF-WT Coaches Course. It is my great pleasure to meet you through our course. As you may know, Korea used to be one of ODA Recipient Countries. Thanks to help from United Nation and many countries around the world, our country can boost our economic development after Korean War. Korea is the first country in history which turned into an aid country from recipient country. We are proud of our country’s achievement, and we want to share our experience with other countries through this project. I wish all the participants to learn more about triathlon coaching through the courses and apply what you learn here in your daily training sessions. And you can help more people enjoy our sport in safe and healthy lives. Lastly, I thank Marisol Casado, the president of World Triathlon and other officials for helping hold and prepare for this course and desire to end it profitably and successfully. Thank you.”

Mohamad Maso (SYR), Tokyo 2020 Triathlon Olympian, ASICS World Triathlon Team member, Level 1 coach candidate.
“One of my dreams was to compete in the Olympic Games, the other was to become a coach and complete all the levels in the future. After Paris Olympic Games I want to be ready. I want to grow triathlon in Northern Netherlands, where I currently train, in the Arabic lands and bring the sport to the refugee’s camps. The sport helped me, especially in the first two years in Europe, to integrate with the community, to connect with people. It opened more doors for me and helped me get rid of those negative things and left them behind. I could start looking forward and create a positive atmosphere around me.”

Bawah Fuseini, President of Ghana, Kate Murray (RSA), World Triathlon Level 2 Coach and Olympian and Chair of the World Triathlon National Coaches Committee and Ana Maria Lecumberri (CHI), World Triathlon Level 2 Coach, were among the experienced of individuals to attend the Project Welcome Webinar.

For more information about the World Triathlon Development and Education visit the Education Hub.

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