The passing of Michael Rauschendorfer

by Olalla Cernuda on 07 Aug, 2019 06:29 • Español
The passing of Michael Rauschendorfer

A tribute from World Triathlon, words by Delly Carr.

Today is a sad day in the sport of Triathlon. One of the great Triathlon Photographers is gone.

Michael was an outstanding Triathlon photographer, but importantly he was such an outstanding person blessed with so much passion which he portrayed with the biggest smile and laugh.
Michael never realised just how talented he was as a photographer. He took up photography very late in his career. He always spoke that he was still learning yet it never occurred to him that many of his images were iconic, groundbreaking, and many times we photographers viewed his work in awe. I know I certainly did. He was truly gifted without knowing so.

He stood tall amongst us yet he was so humble. He has given so much friendship and laughs and energy to all of us. The Triathlon photographer fraternity will miss you dearly. We shared so many belly laughs at the Energy Lab.
We met annually at our World Triathlon Photographer’s Beer and Burger Night at the Kona Brewery. He always wore the worst (best) Hawaiian shirt. He gave us the biggest laughs. His smile was infectious.  Meeting Michael again and again was one of my highlights in making the pilgrimage to Kona each year.

Michael loved the sport of Triathlon dearly. More than people know. That is why his pictures shone brightly, a part of his passionate soul embedded within each image.
He was diagnosed with skin cancer 7 years ago and the treatment looked positive at the time. He posted on Facebook 4 months ago the cancer had returned and metastases were detected in several organs. Rauschendorfer was still full of hope and seemed optimistic about a recovery. He was always a positive man. He was online and still chatted on social media. Then his account went silent forever. He passed away July 18, nobody except his family knew until today.

Michael Rauschendorfer, 8.4.68 ~ 18.7.19 , aged 51.

RIP great Michael.

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