Triathlon Essentials Part 8: Transition Core and Coordination

by Morgan Inglis on 07 Jan, 2010 06:10 • EspaƱol

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Triathlon Essentials: Transitions...Core & Coordination

In Part 8 of Triathlon Essentials, we look at the Core and Coordination in transition.

Transition involves a variety of movements in different directions, at different speeds, and in different conditions, and your core and coordination is crucial in getting you through the transition zone safely.
Triathlon Essentials: Transitions…Core & Coordination outlines some of the tips and tricks used by Elite athletes in the transition, from dealing with unexpected obstacles to finding your rhythm.

The next instalment of Triathlon Essentials will continue with the third and final episode of Transition, outlining all you need to know to be safe, fast and first out of T1 and T2!

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