Virtual cycling platform MyWhoosh becomes Global Partner for 2022 Championship Finals Abu Dhabi

by Olalla Cernuda on 28 Sep, 2022 08:04 • Español
Virtual cycling platform MyWhoosh becomes Global Partner for 2022 Championship Finals Abu Dhabi

Already a firm fixture in the cycling world,  MyWhoosh reaches into the triathlon realm with a new agreement that sees the virtual training app become a World Triathlon Global Partner for this year’s Championship Finals. The free-to-use platform allows global users to ride anywhere, bringing an all-access pass to virtual cycling worlds and guided training programmes.   

The agreement will give MyWhoosh top-tier exposure at the biggest event in the triathlon calendar, as the races to become the 2022 world champions reach their climax in the UAE. MyWhoosh’s in-app triathlon training plan is the Official Virtual Training Plan for the Abu Dhabi Event, giving users the opportunity to get race fit for the November championships and improve on the all important bike leg.
In the build up to the Abu Dhabi event, alongside its weekly rides, MyWhoosh will be hosting triathlon-specific events, available for all abilities to get involved. MyTriPace Bunch is a social ride that will offer different pacing options for group riders, and Time Trial Tuesday will bring users the opportunity to test their progress.                                     

“Virtual cycling has become one of the biggest trends in training in recent years, offering millions of amateurs and professionals the convenience of being able to train and race from their own home,” said World Triathlon President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “The importance of exercise to people’s mental and physical wellbeing is beyond doubt. MyWhoosh has the power to bring people from all over the world together through cycling and, with the sport at the very heart of the magic of swim-bike-run, this partnership for triathlon’s biggest event of the year is incredibly exciting for both parties and all of its users.”

The agreement will include a major installation at the 2022 World Triathlon Championship Finals Abu Dhabi expo (23-26 November), where athletes and visitors will get to experience MyWhoosh’s immersive world of virtual cycling and test themselves on the 2022 Championship Finals bike circuit. There are already more than 700 workouts available on     the app and waiting to be tried, all created by World Cycling Tour coaches.

Matthew Smithson, In-Game Experience Manager at MyWhoosh, added, “Partnering with World Triathlon is an exciting moment for MyWhoosh. Our team is looking forward to delivering Triathlon-specific events and functionalities within MyWhoosh that have not been previously available indoors. As a triathlete who dates back to racing since the 90s, I have seen the progression of our sport and how training has changed. MyWhoosh understands Triathletes have different requirements than cyclists. This is why we have designed events focusing on consistent pacing and the ability to test yourself and track your progress.

“For those who want a fast bike split on the flat, fast roads of Abu Dhabi, it’s the perfect time to start the MyWhoosh Triathlon Training Plan. With 9 weeks to go, you can still significantly improve your bike leg and run faster from jumping off the bike fresh.

“Whilst we are focusing on the needs of Triathletes, our main goal is to see you enjoying our platform. We are proud of what we have built, and we can’t wait to join you for a ride.”

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2. Morgan Pearson USA 01:44:25
3. Jelle Geens BEL 01:44:34
4. Alex Yee GBR 01:44:37
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3. Geert Schipper H2 NED 01:00:47
4. Giovanni Achenza H1 ITA 01:04:43
5. Fathi Zwoukhi H1 TUN 01:05:20
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2. Lionel Morales ESP 01:09:21
3. Wim De Paepe BEL 01:09:53
4. Mohamed Lahna USA 01:10:51
5. Maurits Morsink NED 01:15:00
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3. Max Gelhaar GER 01:13:10
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3. Jeremy Peacock AUS 01:03:58
4. Hideki Uda JPN 01:04:38
5. Carson Clough USA 01:05:39
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3. Chris Hammer USA 01:00:50
4. David Bryant AUS 01:01:37
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