Workout Wednesday with Cibelle Hernandez

by Chelsea White on 10 Feb, 2016 09:00 • Español

One thing that many triathletes can agree on is that there are few things better than experiencing that winning feeling after a race. For Mexico’s Cibelle Hernandez, it is that feeling mixed with some healthy adrenaline that motivates her to compete. And after being crowed the Age Group World Champion in the 40-44 category, that winning feeling will be providing enough motivation to last a lifetime!

Here are some of her favourite workouts:

Name:Cibelle Hernandez
Age Group: Female 40-44
Profession:Sales Manager and Entrepreneur

How you got involved in triathlon?
I started 20 years ago when I got involved with some of my friends.

How often you train?
Every day.

Best training advice?
Concentrate more on quality than distance. I would rather train only one session and workout as hard as I can than do multiple sessions and not give it my all!

What motivates you to race?
I love to win, this is what keeps me going for more! 

Favourite swim workout:
300 yard crawl warmup

4 X 50 Kicking
6 X 100 Technique exercises
400 yards 75%
2 X 200 80%
4 X100 85%
8 x 50 90%
300 yards cool down

Favourite bike workout:
I love adrenaline, so when it is time to show what you can do: during a 30km time trial, have everyone start every two minutes and then you know there is always someone who will be trying to catch you! I really enjoy it when I am the only one with men and nobody reaches me! 

Favourite run workout:
I love to do one hour running sessions. Rythm my heart beat at 155-160PPM and the same speed for 10 1km.

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