Workout Wednesday with Francisco Serrano

by Erin Greene on 06 May, 2014 09:56 • EspaƱol

As a youth who competed in mountain biking, Mexico’s Fransisco Serrano fell in love with triathlon. That love and enthusiasm for the sport last year propelled him to his first age group World Championship title in London in the men’s 30-34 standard distance division. Check out some of his favourite workouts that got him to the top spot.

Full Name: Francisco Serrano Plowells
Age Group: 30-34
Profession: Triathlete/Coach

How you got involved in triathlon?
As a kid I did mountain biking and started doing triathlon as cross training for cycling and fell in love with the sport.

How often do you train?

What is the best training advice you ever received?
Push yourself. In order to get better you have to have to cross that comfort zone.

What motivates you to race?
The rush, the adrenaline to give your best.

Favourite swim workout:

Main set - do this three times
5 x100 taking 5 seconds rest off of each set per 100m distance

Favourite bike workout:

Long rides that end with a steady uphill

Favourite run workout:

My favourite are speed workouts like the one below:
2 minutes hard effort with 2 minutes rest
Then repeat that, taking 15 seconds off each rest until you hit a 15 second rest (painful)

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