World Triathlon announces the Technical Officials’ selection for Paris 2024

by Olalla Cernuda on 10 Mar, 2023 11:49 • Español
World Triathlon announces the Technical Officials’ selection for Paris 2024

World Triathlon is pleased to announce the International Technical Officials that will officiate at the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. There will be 43 National Federations represented, and for the first time ever, 50% of the Officials selected are female, going one step further on the commitment with gender balance within the organization.

All five Continents are represented in this selection, with representatives of 13 countries officiating at the Olympics or Paralympics for the first time. The team will be a mix of Technical Officials with experience in the previous Olympic or Paralympic Games, and some others without any former experience on such level of competitions, which shows the growth of competent officials in the last years.

28 Technical Officials have been selected to officiate at the Olympic Games, and 27 TOs have been designated for the Paralympic Games, also representing all five Continents. In both cases, 50% of the elected TOs are female, increasing the percentage of female TOs from the 47% women that officiated at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“With this selection, we are proving once more not only that we have a strong and committed team of officials and staff members, but also that we are trusting and empowering our female officials, as we have been doing since our debut at the Olympics in Sydney 2000. I know that the bar is set high, but I am convinced that the commitment, hard work and dedication of every single person in this list will be once more key to ensure that the triathlon and paratriathlon events will shine more than ever in Paris”, said Marisol Casado, World Triathlon President.

The Technical Officials were selected in accordance with World Triathlon’s Technical Officials Appointment Rules, which is a multi-phase process that involves creation of eligible list of officials, proposals from the National Federations from the list of eligible officials, selection by the World Triathlon Technical Committee and Technical Delegates and finally approval from the World Triathlon Executive Board.

“World Triathlon implements a transparent selection process that is designed to ensure a balanced representation of the most qualified Technical Officials will be present at the Olympics and Paralympics. We invest a lot on the education and mentorship of the Technical Officials around the world, and they have proved to be outstanding at every event. I’d like to thank all of those who were involved in the selection process and congratulate all the Technical Officials, including the ones that couldn’t make the list this time. There will be more opportunities in the future for them!” said Gergely Markus, World Triathlon Sports Director.

World Triathlon previously announced that Laura Patti (ITA), Felix Molina (MEX) and Thanos Nikopoulos (GRE) have been named the Technical Delegates for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Mr. Nikopoulos will be Technical Delegate in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

The selection of the National Technical Officials from France will follow in due course in accordance with the Technical Officials Appointment Rules.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will host three medal events for Triathlon: individual men & women and the Mixed Relay included in the programme, after the successful debut of the thrilling format in Tokyo. The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will welcome the biggest ever para triathlon field with 120 athletes competing in 11 medal events.

At the same time the Executive Board approved the list of International Technical Officials for the 2nd ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023. For sustainability reasons, nominations were only accepted from Asia and Oceania. Nominations were submitted from 17 National Federations for the 8 spots available. The selected Technical Officials are all from different countries with the gender equity criteria also kept for this event.

The selection of the National Technical Officials from Indonesia will follow in due course in accordance with the Technical Officials Appointment Rules.

Triathlon will be part of the program of the World Beach Games with Aquathlon individual and mixed relay competitions for the second time after the first edition in Doha in 2019.

International Technical Officials of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
Maria Eugenia Micaela Arauz, ARG
Lyndell Murray, AUS
Fritz Schwarz, AUT
Ricardo Neves, BRA
Janice Turner, CAN
Keith Iwasaki, CAN
Zhiyang Ruan, CHN
Rolando Herrera Agon , CUB
Petr Muzicek, CZE
Miguel Alejandro Fernandez, ESP
Maisie Bancewicz, GBR
Uli Zierl, GER
Aggeliki Thoma, GRE
Györgyi Bodnár, HUN
Hideo Watanabe, JPN
Tomoko Oda, JPN
Alexei Kalinin, KGZ
Abdennour Rahmuni, MAR
Adele Cheah, MAS
Cinthia Quilo, MEX
Ivan Mihajlovski, MKD
Tony Sangster, NZL
Marie Josephine Zafra, PHI
Paula Maia, POR
Eva Blomqvist, SWE
Onur Şentürk, TUR
Paul Brandt, USA
Catherine Jennings, ZIM

International Technical Officials of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games
Michael Thompson, AUS
Patrick Hendrickx, BEL
Patricia Adams Petty, BER
Yan Therrien, CAN
Nicole Tixi, CHI
Cristina Jimenez , ECU
Carmen Gomez, ESP
Kati Raudsepp, EST
Jaakko Mattila, FIN
Duncan Hough, GBR
Maryia Charkouskaya-Tarasevich, GEO
Jan Philipp Krawczyk, GER
Rebecca Mok, HKG
Zoltán Magyarosi, HUN
Sajad Bagherian, IRI
Yuval Raiz, ISR
Koji Koganezawa, JPN
Kyung Sook (Kitty) Kim, KOR
Jose Israel Vera Herrera, MEX
Joanna Pyrzynska-Figurska, POL
Adina Dusa, ROU
Beryl Campbell, RSA
Steven Teck Cheong Wong, SGP
Winston Crooke, SKN
Stevee Espling, USA
Olga Blokhina, UZB
David Ellis, ZIM

Reserves of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Kelly de los Angeles Barrientos Hernandez, GUA
Byambaa Tsagaanbaatar, MGL
Peter Thygesen, DEN
Catherine Davey, NZL
Monica Flores, ESP
Houssem Felhi, TUN

International Technical Officials of the 2nd ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023
Micheal Wise, AUS
Sze Yuen Leo Mo, HKG
Mohammad Kazem Hojaji, IRI
Satoshi Hanai, JPN
Peak Sun (Suzanne) Tang, MAS
Claire Hannan, NZL
Siew Yee Ng, SGP
Yelena Kun, UZB

Reserves of the 2nd ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023
Bei Wang, CHN
Jaewoo Lim, KOR

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