World Triathlon opens voting for Athlete’s Committee

by Olalla Cernuda on 15 Oct, 2021 06:28 • Español
World Triathlon opens voting for Athlete’s Committee

World Triathlon is pleased to announce that the nomination process for the Athlete’s Committee elections is now closed, and the voting process is open. You can see here all the nominated athletes, as well as their CVs and letters of intention. Please remember that the voting is open until Tuesday, 2 November, 2021.

The role of athletes in the decision-making process of World Triathlon has been a fundamental principle of our organisation since its creation in Avignon, France, 1989.  The inclusion of two members of the Athletes’ Committee on the World Triathlon Executive Board has strengthened the role of the athletes and is an integral part of our continued success as an International Federation striving to be ‘athlete centered’.

In 2012, the constitution of World Triathlon was amended.  This included a modification to the make-up of the Athletes’ Committee to include Paratriathletes.

According to the current constitution, the committee is composed of five athletes of each gender, at least one member shall come from each of the five continents, two members shall be Paratriathletes with one from each gender and eight shall be elite athletes with four from each gender.

Candidates are:
Yannick Bourseaux, FRA, Europe, Male, Para Triathlete
Tamas Tóth, HUN, Europe, Male, Elite Triathlete
Rodrigo Gonzalez, MEX, Americas, Male, Elite Triathlete
Richard Varga, SVK, Europe, Male, Elite Triathlete
Non Stanford, GBR, Europe, Female, Elite Triathlete
Nicola Spirig, SUI, Europe, Female, Elite Triathlete
Mohamad AlSabbagh, SYR, Asia, Male, Elite Triathlete
Mehdi Essadiq, MAR, Africa, Male, Elite Triathlete
Mariya Shorets, RUS, Europe, Female, Elite Triathlete
Kenji Nener, JPN, Asia, Male, Elite Triathlete
Jonathan Goerlach, AUS, Oceania, Male, Para Triathlete
Gültigin Er, TUR, Europe, Male, Elite Triathlete
Gianluca Pozzatti, ITA, Europe, Male, Elite Triathlete
Claire Michel, BEL, Europe, Female, Elite Triathlete
Basmala Elsalamoney, EGY, Africa, Female, Elite Triathlete
Allysa Seely, USA, Americas, Female, Para Triathlete
Alberto Casillas Garcia, LTU, Europe, Male, Elite Triathlete

All athletes can vote now. There will be one online voting ballot available on the backend linked to the profile of the eligible voting athletes. The list will indicate: Gender, Country, Continent and athlete status (triathlete or para triathlete). The voter can vote for up to 10 candidates without any restriction (e.g. gender, elite or para triathlete). 

Candidates with the most votes will be elected until all positions are covered, with an exception when the quota of two for Para athletes are already fulfilled or the regional and gender requirements are not covered. In these cases, the elected candidate will be the one with the most votes, who fulfils the requirements.

In case of a tie with the candidates with the least number of votes in a round where the number of candidates is in excess of the number of available positions, a second round of voting shall take place only between those tied.

NOTE: The online voting system on will require all athletes to use their log-in for the voting.  If anyone requires log-in details, please contact

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