Athlete Biography

Encouraged by his father since she was a child, whom used to take her and her brother to jogging, Barbara acknowledges that she has been running since she has memory.

Her sports career started at the Sport Frances Stadium and her first competition was when she was 8 years old.  At age 9 she joined the Catholic University‚Äôs Sports Group.

Currently, Barbara is divided among the sports and academic demands, since she is studying a career in nutrition.  She is a well known sportswoman of her club and a pride for her country.

Athlete Sponsors: ADO Chile, New Balance, Specialized, Mako.

Athlete Language: Spanish, English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2006

Athlete Other Sports: Mountainbike and Race Track

Athlete Education: Medicine Faculty- Nutrition UCH

Athlete Hobbies: Music and Ecology

Athlete Sports Hero: Javier Gomez and Haile G.

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning the gold medal at Sydney in the opening round of the 2010 Dextro WCS. Double gold medal at the 2010 South American Games, where I dedicated it to the whole country after a terrible earthquake. Placing 25th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics; placing 5th at the 2008 U23 World Champs in Vancouver in tough conditions; 9th in the 2005 Gamagori Junior World Champ after being ill; 8th place in 2007 Pan-American Games after exam week at university (and I passed my uni course).

Athlete Coach: Jamie Turner

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